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    Thank you very much @Jankel !
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    50 x Jerry
    60 x Shooty Rick
    70 x Bruiser Morgan
    50 x Merle
    100 x Abe
    80 x Aaron

    50 x Scout
    100 x Bruiser

    140 Summer Tokens
    2 Reinforcement
    6 Reroll (last 3 on mission 20)
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    Is it safe to assume that this is
    Distance #3

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    Where are the Summer Tokens on HARD Distance?
  • maggiesvineyardmaggiesvineyard Member Posts: 15
    maps 5, 9 and 15 for summer tokens on hard
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    Thank you! @maggiesvineyard
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    Anyone think NG being a little bit stingy on the re-roll tokens? Considering you need 50 to reroll once and I have about 57 characters I may want to reroll traits on, I'm going to be here for a loooooong time.
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    That's why there will be the option to buy them! @AlexFiliUK
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    Many thanks, @maggiesvineyard !
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    Ah man! What’s happened to the word press site? It keeps coming up with a scam pop up saying I’ve won a shop gift card. Can’t get to any of the content. Anyone else having the same issue?
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    50 Bruiser
    100 Assault

    Leg Shooter Armor and Weapon

    50 Maggie (Hunter)
    60 Negan
    70 Eugene
    50 Rufus
    100 Jesus
    80 Aaron

    Maggie, Negan, Eugene and Rufus? Bloody hell NG!!!!
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    Thanks @Goatlips clearing cache worked, don’t think it was any site I’d been on though, as my fiancée had the same issue.....
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    What distance set is this?
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    So, yeah - here is the deal-io for HARD mode.

    50 x Hunter Tokens
    100 x Shooteh

    Warrior Weapon + Armor

    50 x Michionne
    60 x Dwight
    70 x Sasha
    50 x Rosita
    100 x Merle
    80 x Aaron

    Usual other stuff yeah? Not bad. Clearly NG had word I'd be out of the country this weekend so decided to bring out the nicer tokens.
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    edited July 1
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    > @Goatlips said:
    > > @Firekid said:
    > > Thanks @Goatlips clearing cache worked, don’t think it was any site I’d been on though, as my fiancée had the same issue.....
    > Maybe she's been enjoying the porn sites too? You should have an honest and open discussion about it with her. Talking is very important for a healthy relationship.
    > ...Don't actually do that. I just heard it on TV :D

    Dafuk is wrong w/ you?!?
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    can somebody post what version is now playing, when posting the prizes?
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    It's always one more than last time... except when last time was #6, then it goes back to #1 ;-)
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