• AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 106
    Normal distance this week gives legendary assault weapon.
  • Walkerslayer82Walkerslayer82 Member Posts: 33
    edited October 28
    Normal is legendary shooter armor
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 285
    Woo hoo Morgan is the final reward.
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 285
    And since 5 follows 4, well, you get it.
  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 106
    Normal mode gives legendary warrior armor
  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 106
    Normal mode gives legendary Hunter weapon this week.
  • AchillesVAchillesV Member Posts: 106
    Normal mode this week has legendary scout weapon.
  • JohnbertJohnbert Member Posts: 125
    edited November 20
    When they went back to 2 charging points for shooters it really fucked up my distance (I think I've already been to lvl19 or lvl20) because all of a sudden they weren't charged anymore and only had 1 charging point. Really uncool. :neutral:
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,137

    I’m not an elite player, I was able to finish hard for first time ever reset and was able to complete 20/21 of course I’m upset but they don’t really care, so for me I just will become a F2P and eventually I won’t be able to compete to where I want to be and will just quit all together again. Happened last year then updates dragged me back, but it’s sad, something so small and something that could have been let ride till this morning.

    I spent nearly 700 on game since October 12th, would have continued to spend when survivors I wanted were there, but the way the world goes. Then again as they told me last year I’m just a drop in the bucket and I don’t matter in terms of sales :)
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