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    Thanks @magic and @Walkerslayer82 .

    I should've checked here first, I could've saved some radios if I noticed those 70 Michonne tokens.
  • Walkerslayer82Walkerslayer82 Member Posts: 56
    Normal is legendary warrior armor
  • Walkerslayer82Walkerslayer82 Member Posts: 56
    In normal is legendary hunter weapon
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    edited February 3
    Normal is legendary hunter weapon

    ...beat you to it Walkerslayer ;)
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    @Paste no you didn't😉
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    Guess not. That's weird. It wasn't there when I posted, and my post was much later than yours.
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    You hadn't refreshed the page maybe
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 71
    Normal is legendary scout weapon
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 71
    Normal is legendary bruiser armor
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    MissionNormalHardUnique for this weeknormal/hard
    140k xp100k xpMetal-/component
    280k supplies4 2* Metal and 4 2* ChemicalsChemicals-/component
    325 Assault tokens3 2* badge fragments  
    460k xpEpic Scout weaponScoutepic items
    515 Jerry tokens50 Scout tokensCampaign tokens 
    6100k suppliesEpic Scout armor  
    725 Rick (shooter) tokens50 Jerry tokensJerry15/50
    880k xp20 Aaron tokens + 1 reinforcement token  
    9Epic Scout armor60 Rick (shooter) tokensRick (shooter)25/60
    1050 Scout tokens + 1 reinforcement token250k xp + 3 trait reroll tokens  
    11Epic Scout weapon4 3*badge fragments  
    12125k supplies + 1 trait reroll token8 3* Metal and 8 3* Chemicals  
    13100k xp100 Bruiser tokensBruiser 
    1450 Bruiser tokensLegendary Assault armorAssaultlegendary items
    15150k supplies70 Morgan (bruiser) tokensMorgan (bruiser)-/70
    1650 Merle tokensLegendary Assault weapon  
    17125k xp50 Merle tokens and 20 Aaron tokensMerle50/50
    18200k supplies3 4*badge fragments + 1 reinforment token  
    19250k supplies, 150k xp6 4* Metal and 6 4* Chemicals  
    2060 Abraham tokens + 2 trait reroll tokens1 5* Cloth + 3 trait reroll tokensCloth-/legendary component
    21Legendary Assault item100 Abraham tokens and 40 Aaron tokensAbraham60/100
     Distance number:3  
     Distance Guide:  
     Distance video guide:  
     Hard maps:#18:2x Armored hp: 97 015 
    Discord channel to discuss this weeks distance:
    Please note that I haven't tried normal distance myself, its just based on the hard distance rewards and earlier correlations between the two.
    If there are errors or if you know which type of legendary item the normal distance has this week, please share.
    I am collecting badge crafting results. If you want to contribute please note down as much about each crafting as you can in the sequence you craft and send it to me. Recipe, effect and bonus condition is especially interesting.
    Discord server to discuss badge crafting:
  • Walkerslayer82Walkerslayer82 Member Posts: 56
    Normal is legendary assault armor
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