Final stand hard mode. Any advice?

This is the one mission I haven’t been able to crack. Couldn’t find any existing discussions on it. Anyone have a workable strategy?


  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,357

    Search NML Last Stand Distance..

    Typically that's what I do when I actually want to get far..
  • keplerkepler Member Posts: 14
    Only YouTube video I could find wasn’t helpful. The first part showed the player getting his butt whooped by the 3 freemen. Then it shows him taking down the scout (with no hunter or warrior in sight). No idea how he got to just the scout. It’s that middle ground I need help with.
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402

    Have you looked here?
    If about all four sets and general help.

    I don’t know if everyone plays the same distance together or if it’s random, there are 4 sets. I was doing set #1 today, see if the guide helps.
    Distance Mapset #1

    Are you doing Hard Mode or Normal Mode?

    If Normal Mode set#1 you will have to kill the Freemen then reach the exit.

    I had 3 scouts charged and just waiting for the setup. Pulled in a charged hunter, shooter and scout. Use your distance Charged shots and if lucky, you’ll drop one. Use you charged scout on #2. After shoot with Hunter and Shooter and hope it also dies. If not while he beats on your scout, shoot as often as you can. Just before scout dies, flee and then load up more charged folks. Wash rinse repeat until you’re through it or out of survivors.

    Followed by...
    Good Luck.
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  • keplerkepler Member Posts: 14
    Thanks anderfm12.

    How is it the scout and hunter died without bleeding? I never saw that before.
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    > @kepler said:
    > Thanks anderfm12.
    > How is it the scout and hunter died without bleeding? I never saw that before.

    Pls @anderfm12 explain this to us? That video is awesome!!!
  • keplerkepler Member Posts: 14
    I tried what the video did. Killed the scout. But hunter wouldn’t die without bleeding and the hunter/warrior team made mince meat of my team too quickly. Not sure what I was doing wrong.
  • anderfm12anderfm12 Member Posts: 167
    @kepler @anthony172
    I do not know how that happens either. I had only seen it on youtube and shared it to help you
  • KirnasKirnas Member Posts: 33
    it is a Stelio's video.
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    You can test this strategy on outpost.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • MischaMischa Member Posts: 87
    Doesn’t work for me, was able to damage the hunters health bar to 0 but the 2nd red health bar appears and there is no chance. Tried it 3 times but now all my strong scouts are gone.

    Can someone explain this, maybe @Stelio himself?

  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 263
    I've never done it myself, but I'd theorize that if the target is "burning" when their helth drops from green bar to red, that is to say that the 'fire damage' itself brings the health into the red, it should trigger a status effect that immobilizes the target. At least that is whats supposed to happen per the in game description of the status effect.
    And maybe on Freemen, the status changes to 'instant death'?
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