Council upgrade and balancing changes in 2.10

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This is an exciting time to be a No Man's land player! Hot on the heels of the 2.10 update, we are bringing a variety of changes to the game in the first Balance Adjustments of the year. These changes all go into effect on March 6th, at 11:00 UTC.

Maximum Council Level Increased
Players are finding themselves with very full Farms, and there's always one sure way to put these Supplies to good use. With five months passed since the last Council Level increase, many players are anticipating an opportunity to push their survivors to greater heights.

- Council
Players will be able to upgrade their Council building to Level 23.

- Training Grounds
After upgrading the Council, players can then upgrade the Training Grounds to level 23, which will allow for training Survivors and Heroes to Level 24.

- Scavenger
An upgrade to the Scavenger Building, which requires Council 23, will increase the chances of finding higher rarity Components in Mission Crates. Players with the upgraded Scavenger will also no longer find Common Components in the Components Shop.

- Workshop
The Workshop can be upgraded after the Council, and will then allow for the upgrading of Weapons and Armor of base level 24 to a maximum Level of 27.
- To help players get started in their collection of new gear, players at Council level 22 have a chance to find Level 24 Weapons and Armor in Challenge Crates and in Trade Goods Shop - Gear Crates. This Equipment is also available from the Bundle Shop.
- This level 24 Equipment will start appearing in the game immediately! [Please be sure to close and reload the game to ensure you have the latest game data.]
- In conjunction with the ongoing Carol's Week upgrade event, all Council 22 players who earn a free Kingdom Spear through this event will receive that spear at level 24.

New Challenge Format

In the past months, several "Ultimate Challenge" events were held, which altered the starting difficulty and rate of advancing through the Challenge. The feedback to these has been so positive that the most common player request on the matter is asking for this new format to be made permanent. We're happy to announce that this is precisely the case!

Starting with the Challenge on the 7th of March, the format of the challenge will follow these rules:

- Starting Difficulty is based on the level of your three highest Survivors, but a little higher than previously.
- Players with three survivors at Level 10 will start at Difficulty 8
- Players with three survivors at Level 15 will start at Difficulty 11
- Players with three survivors at Level 20 will start at Difficulty 15
- Players with three survivors of Level 23 or higher will start at Difficulty 17
- Difficulty will raise after each Round for each of the first 1-5 Rounds, at which time the Difficulty will then increase once every two Rounds.
- Difficulties of 27 onwards last three Rounds each.
- Round Passes are awarded for every fifth Round advance.
- Players will be able to complete Rounds at whatever pace they like, and will not be delayed by a timer after completing several rounds in a short time.
- Rewards for personal and Guild star totals have been adjusted to help players earn rewards at a good pace even as Difficulty increases.
- Since fewer Rounds are needed to complete each Difficulty, it is expected that week-to-week star counts will be affected. However, now every additional mission represents a larger portion of your total score, so players who attempt the hardest missions will really stand out on the leaderboards.

High Level Weapons and Armor from Rewards Crates

Players that have been playing No Man's Land for 20 levels or more are able to build up a great collection of equipment for their Survivors. As the game progresses, the relative value of Rare Weapons and Equipment decreases, since players unlock more ways to earn and obtain Epic and Legendary gear. For this reason, we are adjusting the contents of Gold Crates for high level players and high-difficulty missions.

- Gold Mission Crates after missions of Difficulty 20 or greater will have a smaller chance to contain Weapons or armor, and all Equipment found in these crates will be Epic or Legendary.
- Weapons and Armor found in Deluxe Challenge Crates and Gold Rewards Crates purchased from the Trade Goods shop will be either Epic or Legendary for players of Council level 20 or greater.

In general, players will find Epic and Legendary gear about as often as they did before, and the Rare Weapon and Armor rewards will be changed to XP in most cases, or Supplies for Supplies Scavenge missions.
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    Fixed one typo regarding the Challenge starting level.

    "- Players with three survivors at Level 20 will start at Difficulty 16" was changed to "- Players with three survivors at Level 20 will start at Difficulty 15".

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