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JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
The new "Challenge" format is way unbalanced in favor of high level player and not a reflection of skill.

Starting with the Challenge on the 7th of March, the format of the challenge will follow these rules:

- Starting Difficulty is based on the level of your three highest Survivors, but a little higher than previously.
- Players with three survivors at Level 10 will start at Difficulty 8
- Players with three survivors at Level 15 will start at Difficulty 11
- Players with three survivors at Level 20 will start at Difficulty 16
- Players with three survivors of Level 23 or higher will start at Difficulty 17
- Difficulty will raise after each Round for each of the first 1-5 Rounds, at which time the Difficulty will then increase once every two Rounds.
- Difficulties of 27 onwards last three Rounds each.

High lvl players already have the advantage of being able to get more stars in a challenge due to starting difficulty lvl but this system slams skilled beginning and mid-lvl players who have no hope of seeing difficulty lvl 27.

Please change the system to be round based. For example...

- Difficulty will raise after each Round for each of the first 1-5 Rounds, then every two Rounds for rounds 6-15, at which time the Difficulty will then increase once every three Rounds.


  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,366
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    I'd wait and play before any conclusions.

    But it's important for low lvl players to farm Scavenge missions and raid Outposts and this will give them more that for that.

    Plus having no timer allows everyone to plan.
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,066
    How is starting at a higher difficulty earning you more stars? 1 or 2 or even 3 more stars for finishing a round, even doubled, is not going to break the balance.

    For maxed players who are not highly skilled it might even mean they get fewer stars. They might end up playing fewer rounds because of the higher difficulty.

    And even if maxed players were really at a great advantage, well - lower level players will get there eventually. You gotta think ahead a bit.

    But we will not really be able to tell how much difference it actually makes until we have played the new challenge format for at least 2 weeks.

    Also: higher stars mean nothing. If you can get the same rewards or even more, that is what should matter, not the star count.
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  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    I think Troublemaker may have the right of it.... but to reinforce my point...

    Challenges are already tilted in favor of higher level players... the new change format is ridiculously unfair to players with average high three toon lvl under 23.

    First you can’t get badges until council lvl 15. Badges are one of the keys to getting to higher rounds, Second key, having the right heroes, thirdly good survivors traits. All disadvantages all players must deal with, especially new ones.

    So a system that starts everyone off at the same (-6) subtraction average of the top three toon lvl hurts no one.

    For example:

    Level 8 player should be able to get 54 stars (6 mission x 3 stars max per mission) for the first five rounds (2+3+4+5+6) 20 for a total of 74 Stars. They will be very limited in going beyond their level since they don’t have any badges, limited good toons, and hero selection.

    Level 15 player should be able to get 54 stars (6x3) for the first five rounds (9+10+11+12+13) 55 for a total of 109. They should be able to get beyond their level with limited badges, a few good toons and a couple of unlocked good heroes. They have almost no hope of hitting difficulty level 27.

    Level 22 player with good toons and badges will breeze threw the first 5 rounds 54 and (16+17+18+19+20) 90 = 144. Even a casual player at this level should be hit difficulty lvl 27 with a little effort.

    Personally I have been unable to get past walkers +8 my level.

    Thus under this new system exellent scoring for a starting average toon level of 15, at difficulty level of 11 getting to difficulty 22 (+8) would be: 673 in 19 rounds.

    [(11 + 18) = 29 | (12 + 18) = 30 | (13 + 18) = 31 | (14 + 18) = 32 | (15 + 18) = 33] = 155
    [(16 + 18) = 34 | (16 + 18) = 34 | (17 + 18) = 35 | 35 | 36 | 36 | 37 | 37 | 38| 38] = 360
    [(21 + 18) = 39 | 39 | 40 | 40] = 158
    (155 + 360 + 158) = 673

    And players with toon levels of 23 scores 740 in the first 18 rounds going to +8 of walker level would give them 1460 in 23 rounds...

    [35 | 36 | 37 | 38 | 39] = 185
    [40 | 40 | 41 | 41 | 42 | 42 | 43 | 43 | 44 | 44 | 45 | 45 | 45] = 555
    [46 | 46 | 46 | 47 | 47 | 47 | 48 x 3 | 49 x 3 | 50 x 3] = 720

    The causality of these changes will effect all of our trade goods and new/middle players getting good star counts which effect getting into good guilds...thus effecting the amount of trade goods new and middle players will receive.

    I think all players starting at same subtraction of average starting level and then doubling at the same doubling and tripling at the same point shows a player skill. The star count will inherently favor higher players as their end of round difficulty bonus is higher. Their is no reason to give higher level players additional bonus of starting at significantly lower difficulty levels then other players.

    The subtraction to star count will happen either way.
  • TheRealSavageTheRealSavage Member Posts: 64
    The whole point of the challenge change is to take away the grind for the maxed level players, not the Early to mid players. So take away more rnds for end players and not so much for early and mid. I think moving the triple rounds from 26 to 29 will help along with moving the starting difficult to 19.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,389
    @Dlich has posted several times the new expected star chart. It really isn't as beneficial as what you make it out to be. Additionally a lot of these high end players are pay to play. You aren't scoring 2k stars without paying $$$. So that being said they probably buy gear to and now they will have to rebuy it
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,396
    The new challenge format can’t be put in place fast enough for me,

  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    While I fully understand the grind and people being happy at limiting it... My argument is most players can’t beat walkers that are +8 their average 3 high toon level. Every player under level 23 will hit their max difficulty sooner, ok less grind. The level 23+ already have a built in advantage of difficulty bonus at the end of each round. Under the new system they get to start at -6 difficult and at +5/4 difficulty get to 3 rounds allowing way greater easily attainable scores. While level 8 without badges starts at only -2 difficulty.

    Basically breaking 1k will be unattainable for players under toon level 15 and easily reachable for a casual player with toons of level 23+.

    So getting in guilds with a +1000 star minimum will be impossible without an exception for lower level players.

  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    @Jechum I made it to level 32 this week with 1955 stars.. under the new system if I make it to the same level I’ll have roughly 1360 stars..

    Stars are all relative and will change across the board for everyone! All guild leaders know this and will adjust their minimum accordingly!

    I know personally in my guild, we are giving it a 2 week evaluation period and then re-evaluating where our “min” should be based on player performance and new star counts!
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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,389
    @Jechum are level 15 players hitting 1k now? I mean I went from level 20 to 23 in a weekend(double supplies/no life/ and lots of gold. My star count went from 1100ish to 1400ish...

    Now when I went from 1400 to 1700ish that's because I started double pinking things. So in reality its not about what level toons you are its more about how many stays your toons have. It just happens maxed level players have more toons as they have played longer. I cant compete with people in MRR who have 9 star toons. No way am I hitting 2k like them, but for my 7 star guys I am doing quite well. I finish in the bottom 3 every week in a top 3 guild. I realize my spot can easily be taken over and I am okay with that. But I am maxed just like they are they just have time on me.
  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    @Drunken... I’m level 15 and made it to round 36.5 with 1229 stars. Next week I’ll be Luck to get to 673 assuming I get 3 stars all the way to my max difficulty level of +8 (23).

    I’d have to do the math to figure out what level I’ll need to be to break 1000...
  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    @Drunken... Badges are the key. I lucked out that the badge event hit the same time I unlocked badges.
  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    WOW @Jechum I’m beyond impressed!! My alt account with level 20 survivors struggles to get 1200 stars! F2p and crappy badges!

    Kudos to you with peeps at level 15! :)
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  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    @Mystique.. thanks... but my max this week was 23.2 (36.5 rounds) with a score of 1.2k... Next week three staring all the way to 24.1 (19 rounds) gives me only 673 under the new system. Which a level 23 could do casually playing.

  • MystiqueMystique Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 1,454
    I mean no disrespect @Jechum but that’s the way it should be.. we have peeps 9 levels above yours.. it should be easier for us at the level your talking about! But keep in mind we also play 8-12 levels above our level peeps as well! A level 15 survivor should never be able to compete with a level 23-24 survivor.. that’s just how games work!
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  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
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    @Mystique... that’s not my argument and I couldn’t compete with a higher level that put in the same effort as I do. Their higher difficulty start and ability go to higher difficulties is their advantage in Star counts.

    My argument is we should all start at negitive X from our average high 3 toon level, go up 1 difficulty each round for the first 5 rounds, then up 1 difficulty every 2 rounds for X rounds, and finally 1 difficulty every three rounds until you can’t go anymore.

    Do higher levels really need significant lower starting level and a bonus round after 27 on top of their difficulty bonus each round to beat Star counts of lower levels?
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,389
    Those have to some really awesome badges. I was level 20 back in January like I said I went from 20-23 in a week. It was jackpot weekend then double supply weekend that followed I murdered double supplies earning over 120m.

    I had decent badges and 6 star toons(now 8 star) the fact you are getting that high on level 15 toons is mind blowing.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,389
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,530
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    @Jechum tell me what rsl you make it to and I’ll tell you bud

    *edit you’d have to make it through around 26.2 or 27.1 to hit 1000

    Your 36.5 rounds is closer to 21 rounds. Assuming skips 36 rounds is 29 played.

    In the new format to get to same rsl instead of 36 rounds it’ll be 21 rounds. Instead of 29 played it’ll be 17 played.

    36 = 21
    29 played = 17 played

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  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,136
    Mystique said:

    ...I know personally in my guild, we are giving it ...

    Oh wow ...awesome statement...
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  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    @DLich... I uploaded where I finished this challenge as my profile picture. I started this challenge with lvl 14 toons, 1 upgraded to 15. I have 2 toons with 1 pink star and Sacha is Epic. I had 6 passes.

    I uploaded my finish to my profile picture.
  • RoadRashRoadRash Member Posts: 179
    I honestly dont want to offend anyone with this statement but it is my belief that unless you have maxed survivors you shouldn't be able to produce as many stars as someone who does. This is my opinion again, The challenge is an endgame feature and should be geared towards those who are at end game.
  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    @RoadRash... I personally take no offense... but I see the challenge as a guild team feature.

    A challenge should not only test skill but endurance.

    Lower levels should not be excluded based on challenge mechanics from doing as many rounds as higher level players. The advantage of difficulty bonus at the end of each round makes sure higher levels will have higher star counts if they put in the same level of effort.

    Why should I be limited to 19 rounds fighting +8 level walkers... while a level 23+ can easily do 19 rounds fighting only +4 level walkers. The challenge doesn’t become hard until you pass the +4. I actually use Governor to farm until I reach this point.

  • RoadRashRoadRash Member Posts: 179
    Honestly Jechum I would prefer to have to fight less rounds but higher in difficulty, NG wont allow this to happen IMO because it would lessen the need to buy gasboosters to get to what end game players really want. I should not at end game never have to fight something that is going to give me less than level 24 gear.

    I do agree there is a place for lower level players in the challenge.

  • JechumJechum Member Posts: 58
    @RoadRash well that is the bright side to the changes... I will not need gas to hit my cap ability, in19 rounds... I was buying gas to hit the early rounds quickly. Then drudge through the later rounds by fight, heal, fight again. I focus all my efforts on 2 assault toons and Sasha.
  • GuapoGuapo Member Posts: 985
    You're forgetting that the difficulty goes up exponentially also. The higher you go the walkers get buffed more than the survivors do per level.
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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    Jenng said:

    The new challenge format can’t be put in place fast enough for me,

    Got my Polaroid ready!!

    Let the @Jenng loose
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  • TheRealSavageTheRealSavage Member Posts: 64
    I woulda love to do 19 rounds and hit my wall lol.
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