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Everyone knows Rick can be a force in the TV show, but many on the forum feel his leader trait is lackluster, situational, and can be dangerous for survivors. It just isn't worth the risk of having an ally close to a survivor if there won't be enough damage done to finish off the walker and then get smoked the next turn.

I believe @Shteevie mentioned previously that the Dev team's wish is that Rick's leader trait be useful with all classes of survivors and Heroes seeing as how he is the leader of his side.

So with some inspiration from Rufus' leader trait here is my suggestion: Have Rick's leader trait give a boost to damage to all teammates and a small Piercing buff. This allows Rick to help out anyone he's teamed with (offensive buff) and has a small chance at making them successful regardless of what level a player is at (Piercing buff).

There is precedent at having similar leader traits affect different target types with Abe/Jesus and Glenn/Maggie. In a similar vein to these two pairs, my suggestion matches what one part of Rufus' leader trait does but affects a different attribute. As well as providing a useful secondary buff.

If this trait swap is something that may be considered, I'd also like to suggest some possibilities for a name for this trait:
Maelstrom of Destruction (my favorite, but might be too long to fit on the trait tab)
Force of Nature
Unbridled Rage
Unrestrained Fury
Laying Down the Law

Edited to add: @Kaz @Fearofabotplanet
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    LT: Rick’s gone ape shit. When 1 survivor is in struggle mode, all survivors will have 100% chance to all % traits for 2 turns. Piercing, swift strike, charge, dodge will all activate 100% of the time for 2 turns lol.
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    Let’s let our voices be heard!
    Let the walkers and freemen fear what has transpired!
    Rick has grown and now he will be a force of the earth.

    The gods have decided ( @Kaz @Fearofabotplanet @AllDev’s ) the Rick is reborn!

    * to be continued...
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    Just add: All survivors weapons gain piercing +xx. Between damage buff and giving piercing to all survivors... he would be a go to hero towards challenge end.
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    Also, maybe get rid of vigilant, and replace it with sure shot or something? I would very much appreciate that.
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    Just have Rick' s leader trait be "bite their f'n face off" as soon as your team is attacked, they bite the attackers face off!!!
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    The graphics would be sic...
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