Body piles run out?

I've noticed that the body piles no longer produce endless walkers. Is this on purpose? @TK-421


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    This is not true. I farmed 500k xp out of 7-4 today. Also they fixed the display bug when you flee, and it actually showed >500,000 xp on the mission end summary.
    @SenoiaSurvivor I think you may be confused with burning body piles, which have always run out of zombies after a while.
  • This happens to me on Lost Bunker!
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    Ohhhhh. Yes.
    No, wait. .. there was one in the weekly challenge last week. You have a body pile on both sides of the gates. The one on the exit side stopped producing walkers. That was the first time I noticed. But the rest of them have been burning. You are right.

    I passed the point of 7-4 where I can farm it. Any good ones I've missed in the weekly challenge? There is a great one on the Terminus challenge.

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    Yes there are several levels/missions where some of the body piles run out and will not produce any more zombies. Has been discussed in other forum threads.
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    It's just on the weekly missions
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    There are two types of body piles, and no, as of now you can't tell them apart by looking at them. One spawns walkers indefinitely. The other is exhausted after X turns.
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    @Oldgoth Is it just in challenge mission that they have limit ?
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