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Hey there, for quite a while I have enough tokens to upgrade one survivor from each class to two pink (I don't have any one pink survivors) but my survivors are not exactly perfect. I've waited quite a while for something better but no luck. I'm pushing quite far in the challenge (reached level 32 this challenge) and really need the extra push.
What are your thoughts on my survivors? Would you upgrade any of them to two stars?


  • Erica the bruiser is really nice, she has the iron skin, retaliate and punish combo with lucky and power strike to boot! I would scrap Tim and put all my tokens into her.

    Jeremy the warrior is good too, he lacks strong but he has retaliate and power strike for damage, iron skin and dodge for defense and lucky is always nice to have. He looks more than good enough for pink stars to me.

    Donna is probably your best hunter despite bullet dodge since she has marksman, sure shot and ruthless so I would load her up with damage/crit damage but wouldn't invest in her.

    For your shooters none are perfect but I'd be tempted to see what Rebecca's 5th trait was. If it was either marksman or ruthless I would invest into her and scrap the others. Even Zachary looks good, vigilant is less than perfect but it's a nice trait to have when you want to keep spawns low.

    I wouldn't invest in any of your scouts but they are good enough for the time being. As for your assaults Katie is a pretty nice offensive survivor and both Betty/Jesse have potential if you wanted to take a gamble. If either got a nice 5th trait I'd invest.

    Just my input anyways :smile:
  • Marksmanship again?

    Please consider this when people promote the greatness of marksmanship:

    According to this chart: ( found here )
    Base damage for a level 20 shooter with 5 ✮’s is 851
    4 ✮ Marksman is + 12% for ranged attacks.
    So according to data compiled so far:
    851 + 12% = 102.12 rounded down 102
    851 * 1.12 = 953.12

    Many think it would be this way (assume you have a pistol that does 2100)
    (851 + 2100) *1.12 = 3305.12
    Actually it is:
    (851 * 1.12) + 2100 = 3053.12

    Damage = (Base Damage * Marksman + Weapon + Badges Flat) * Badges %
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    Hey @WellyLuga, thanks for your reply.

    I like Erica's traits a lot but they are offensive, the only use of bruisers for me in the high levels of challenge is with defensive stance. Tim is just my first bruiser, threw some spare xp on him.

    Jeremy is the only survivor I'm positive of promoting. Only negative being he doesn't have ruthless.

    Donna is the hunter I started leveling, yes don't feel like investing.

    I was thinking of giving Rebecca a shot. Wasted a lot of tokens on shooters with no luck.

    I'm in a pickle about the assaults. Thing is, I use Abe and I find Defensive Stance very useful. Katie is the best out of three but I think I would prefer my first pink assault to be good overall and for that it would require Defensive Stance
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    @ShadowaceAz Appreciate your input. I think I got covered the way traits work and affect the survivors. My question isn't about marksmanship, it's about getting a second opinion on my survivors and if any of them are worthy to two pink status.
  • Yes I'm a big advocate for defensive stance, it's a nice trait to have but she does have iron skin. With that, iron skin on armour and 3 good damage reduction badges you should be able to get to 80% damage reduction and thus have no need for defensive stance. I guess this applies to an assault too, I like to go 3 damage then 3 damage reduction badges on my assault :smile:
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    @WellyLuga The way I've set up Abe is Health and +DMG badges only, together with golden iron skin on armour. For me Defensive Stance>three DMG reduction badges. I found that to be very useful. My concern is that if I promote an assault without defensive stance he will be mediocre. If I load him up in DMG reduction he still won't be that great because he will lack +DMG or health and vice versa.
  • Well 3 damage badges, marksman and maybe lethal on your weapon and your assault should do plenty of damage. Then add Abe's bonus on top of that and I don't think you will need to worry about doing enough damage. Defensive stance is good but since an assault is built for being aggressive and hitting multiple enemies you shouldn't be in defensive stance unless you're about to get hit.

    Everyone has their own play style though :smile:
  • sicronsicron Member
    @WellyLuga Well, as I said at the start I reached level 32 this weekend. At those levels getting hit is the only sure thing for me :D And I use Sasha as leader
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    @sicron I agree about defensive stance for Bruisers as it's valuable to use them in Overwatch. However I've never understood def stance on an assault. I virtually never use my assault in Overwatch and I don't go into a map with my assault thinking using them in Overwatch is going to be my strategy. So if I'm not in Overwatch then def stance is 100% useless. Also an Overwatch attack from an assault hits a single target with 50% of damage. It's unclear to me whey I would not want to hit multiple targets at 100% damage as compared to a single at 50% Overwatch. Maybe I'm missing something (which is entirely possible). I reached 32.3 this last challenge (Ka-boom!) and ran out of time while still getting two and three stars on the four maps I completed so I'm not inexperienced, quite the opposite in fact.
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    @Cronus Using Abraham exclusively from +4 RSL and on I've grown fond of the Defensive stance on him. If on a map getting hit is certain, putting Abraham with 7.5k health and defensive stance in a place where he gets hit and not the other survivors, it reduces a lot the overall DMG taken. That's not on every round of course. Only when getting hit is inevitable.
    I do however, as stated above, agree that you can reach high damage reduction values without defensive stance but I'm not sure if it's worth it because of the dmg or hp lost due to stacking DMG reduction badges.
    To sum up, my problem is that when I have to play defensively I use my assault with defensive stance BUT he does high dmg also cause of the badges. So, I'm thinking that in order to have an overall good assault both offensive and defensive(I don't have any non hero pink assault), it requires defensive stance.
  • @Cronus Kaboom isn't really a mapset that highlights the efficacy of DS on Assaults for the most part. One example though where it came in handy for me was at higher RSL's when you're using Sasha in lead on a map like Perimeter Defense. At times a bit like "bad initial Spawn insurance". Many times I would get an initial spawn where there would be a Fattie right above me that could get to me on its first or second turn and a wall of walkers to my right (and no well placed Grenado) that I couldn't liquidate. Some would just flee that awful spawn. That's not really my style so I would need someone to take (at least) one hit from that Fattie and that survivor is always going to be either Abe or one of my Assaults with Defensive Stance.

    For me DS doesn't come into play usually until you're white-knuckling and scraping out 1 star situations. For many DS on Assaults doesn't make sense, it's specific to each individual's play-style.
  • sicronsicron Member
    @tabernac I was thinking of the same example.
  • CronusCronus Member
    @tabernac @sicron Yep, Abe took abuse from the Dark Corner fattie when it spawned initially up top left this last week. I love having Abe at my disposal and he's just one Abe event from being level 7 for me. My main assault has Iron Skin and with gold Iron Skin on her armor plus her damage reduction badges she nearly reaches the 80% damage reduction max (16+15+21+13+13=78%). I totally get the efficacy of def stance when all else fails to beat that certain map because the walkers are on you like a cheap suit. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something strategy-wise. This week on Archives Abe, my #1 assault and Sasha will be partying together. Anxious to see how high I can get with the assaults going in charged up. Unfortunately I'm afraid it'll be more of a grind based on my success this last challenge. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  • sicronsicron Member
    @Cronus Could you please post a pic of your main assault? One with badges also :)
  • CronusCronus Member
    @sicron At the end of the last challenge I swapped out a 15% dam reduction badge from position 1 to put on Abe so she actually was at the full 80% at one point. Picture below shows her current make-up with the health badge. The swap (and some luck) got me through Lock In with 3 stars on 32.2.

  • sicronsicron Member
    @Cronus Damn, those are some sweet badges!
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    I love assault badge combo : perfect with proportions for that class.
  • sicronsicron Member
    So, I promoted another assault and got this. I haven't used revenge on assault, but I do like it on my shooter. What do you think?
  • Good secondary assault for rotation :)
  • I would pink her :smile:. I absolutely love revenge, yes you have to be careful around grenade zombies but you will learn that with time. Revenge on an assault often hits multiple enemies, including both freeman and walker when fighting them. Use her and get used to it, if you like it then go for it. I have revenge on my triple pink assault and it's extremely useful.
  • sicronsicron Member
    @WellyLuga I also prefer her over Katie.
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