Fight the dead, fear the devs

According to the title of the new update and all those awesome under the hood fixes I wonder what could be balanced in the upcoming updates?

My personal favorite so far would be limited ammunition but I'm open to any suggestions ;)
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    Walkers getting special ability, no matter which level they are.

    The ability is *roll the drum*... .... ... If they do not like your presence, they can kill you with just looking at you (one short look is enough).

    Second ability (this one is under the hood fix) is that, they can sh*t and trow that on your head. The acid burns your brain and you slowly but painfully die, woops :smile:

    Joke aside, i hope there will be no surprises with future update, *gasp*.
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    Everyone should change their signature to the title of this post... Let's start a movement!
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    @Capleton had to laugh at this thread title.

    Well played,well played..
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    Did not see it coming...but 'exploitation week' is a smart move.
    Moriturus te salutat

    Found his home in Asylum
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