Update Notes 2.10.2

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Optional Update 2.10.2 is coming to No Man's Land! There are several minor improvements focused on game performance and the very early game experience. Read on for more information, and look for the update in your App Store if any of the following issues relate to you.

Early Game Experience

- Transitions between missions in Story Chapter 1 are easier to follow.
- Guild Suggestion moment has been optimized.
- Radio Call tutorial and Intro Cinematic issues have been eliminated.

General Improvements

- Improved performance in missions where 50 or more enemies were killed.
- Survivors in combat that are close to one another are now easier to accurately select.
- General loading time and memory usage improvements.
- Adjusted some screens for better layout on iPhone X.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that caused players to be stuck on the outpost loading screen.
- Resolved some issues reported by players regarding with push notifications and video ads.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a game lock when Android players who were not logged into their Google Play account.
- iOS notification badge on the Home Screen functions correctly once again.

This update is optional - all content, rewards, and events will be available to all players. However, if the issues above have been giving you trouble, please head to the App Store and download the update.
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