Can we talk about season 8 yet?

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Teeceezy TV Show Discussion Rules

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1) Discussion related to Season 7 is only to be held in official episode discussion threads, which will have spoiler warnings in the title and created by a moderator or admin on Tuesday mornings UTC.
2) General TWD talk is encouraged, but may only contain content from Season 6 and before.
3) Forum users who disregard these specific rules will lose privileges to post in this subforum
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  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    Yes! : D

    Just write "SPOILER" in the title in case of SPOILER!

    I've changed the rules there since that one was kinda old, haha. And we have one mod working on better rules and guidelines for this forum.

    ANYWAY, feel free to start a discussion! (:
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