I activated the gift bundle. When I opened the game again, it was expired

zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,165
Inorder to make full use of the gift bundle, I activated the bundle about two hours before its expiry. In order to avoid any mishap, I purchased the 20 gas and phone with trading goods. I exited the game.

In the evening I opened the game to take advantage of the bundle, play weekly missions and the distance. To my horror, there was no active gift bundle. @Kaz need your help. I also contacted support. I am really depressed.

I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild


  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    Hey Zeeblack!

    Let's wait for support then so they can investigate what happened there. :)

    They will probably check your ticket only tomorrow though.
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