Will ANYTHING ever get fixed? I vote “no!”

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. I am, no doubt. But, if I haven’t stopped playing at this point, I’m not going to. Unless this game got converted to a Fear TWD game (that was a GREAT joke!).

Freemen mechanics are still buggy after 2 years of complaints. Auto cover is still buggy after just as long. TG collection is worse than I can remember, ever.

My question is: do player thoughts/concerns mean anything? These are MAJOR flaws...

...I could go on, many forum users can back me up, I’m sure. I just spent 2 days celebrating my home town team winning the World Series, so my mind is a bit bent in that direction.
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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Lots of things have already been fixed.

    Lots haven't.

    We'll see tomorrow if Freemen are still super buggy.

    Auto cover isn't bugged. We just don't like the way it works.

    Reduced TG is an effect from reducing the grind - one of the things they have fixed.

    They'll continue to fix the things they prioritize and for which the solution is possible within the limits of their resources.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 1,744
    I agree, it seems that every time there is a change to the challenge there is always something to complain about. Whether it's star loss, the grind and now TG loss. A perfect balance between the player base and what NG wants from their business model doesn't exist because it just wouldn't be profitable for NG.

    I also don't believe they've made these steps to make TG's harder to come by since the challenge has never been time/gas efficient to earn them. 30 gas for 1,000 TG's is a terrible return when you can get the same amount from 2 outpost raids. If you think NG has reduced TG's from the challenge to up them in bundles then I just think you're on a witch hunt.

    I'm enjoying playing 30-35 rounds to get to RSL32/33 and not 45-50. I'm enjoying not having to grind through about 10-15 rounds before I can even get level appropriate gear from crates and it's also nice to not have to feel you need to buy a booster or face running out of time before hitting your wall. The TG loss is a drop in the ocean in my opinion.
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,398
    For the record , I don't believe they have reduced the TG to directly sell more bundles.. more so to indirectly continue to lower our radio haul , which I have been consistent in trying to lobby against . As I see it , the radios have been gradually decreasing for a time now and the radio calls have changed over the same period to lessen our chances to upgrade our survivors and heroes as we reach higher levels and pink stars on our teams. The exponential increase in radio calls we need , along with the dilution created by so many heroes , require us to have access to more radios . We need radio events , TGs, crate drops , and challenge rewards to get the radios and all those methods have slowly been decreasing ..

    It isn't a witch hunt , I quite like and respect every NG employee I have communicated with, but this is a forum where we can give credit where it's due or generate discussion when things are happening that we don't like . Again @Mabiki I enjoy some of your posts and debating with you , but I want people to know there's more to the story and it isn't just an effect of the grind being addressed . Feel free to call me out anytime as well , I know you will :)

    Side note : I consider the new radio call option climate to be eerily similar to the cable companies that made us buy channels in bundles so we had to pay for crap we didn't want to get the stuff we did want , that always bugged me so this does as well . We need the double hero token calls back and I really really hope they won't become the next ICELS
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,207
    I'm sorry to disagree with you about the grind being fixed. It was NOT fixed. We are already playing close to 50 rounds.

    NG tricked us into believing it was fixed with the Council upgrade and char lvl up to 24 and gear to 27.

    It was just a bandaid with placebo effect. It's better, but definitely not fixed.
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