Bug - I upgraded my gear. When I opened my game again, the gear was not upgraded

zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,165
I have been facing this bug for quite some time now. This bug nearly cost me my free gift bundle also. But thanks to NG Support go it back.

Quite a few time, I have claimed the gift in the store. When I opened the game in the evening, the gift was still there. However, there is no problem with the timer.

Yesterday, I opened the game on my iPhone. I was a bit shy of upgrading my weapon to the next level. So I scrapped some gear so to have enough experience to upgrade the gear. I upgraded the gear and after five seconds it was upgraded. My experience went from 1.9 million to some thousands. With nothing else to do, exited the game. In the evening, I again opened the game. To my surprise, my experience were at 1.8+ million. All the gear scrapped were still in the inventory and my gear was not upgraded. I again press the upgrade my gear button but this time it would take 20 hours to upgrade.

Except for the gift bundle, it has not caused me any serious issues but this bug needs to be taken care of

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