Season finale; The show is officially dead (NO SPOILERS)

Too many questions unanswered AGAIN, and a certain someone made a speech that was meant to be made by a particular evil person not actually important yet (and that's if she comes back). And the 1st few minutes of 'Fear' already are not meant for the storyline. The crossover wont match the main storyline to a degree that will be relevant. It's over. That is all.
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    Then enjoy your new free hour every Sunday (2 hours if you watch talking dead) I on the other hand am going to see how this plays out.
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    Wouldn’t let me add the spoiler tag to the other comment

    Not a big fan at all of the merger at this point. We waited for like 6 years for Morgan and rick to reunite and now he’s gone again? Plus, how much time did they skip in fear? How many questions are left unanswered? What happened after the dam blew up? How did Madison reunite with her family after washing up onshore like that. Wasn’t Nick’s gf missing? And now she’s just back with them with no explanation? Idk about all that. I actually liked that fear was behind TWD in terms of storyline. Skipping 2 1/2 years or however long they skipped is just way too much time IMHO

    But all of that was Scott M. Gimple’s decisions and now that he isn’t the show runner anymore, I have faith that this show will return back to its former glory. I just wish kirkman would fire him already.
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