redesigned/faster assault shot animation

JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
I find the animation of Assault shooting to be too long, too unrealistic and too slow. The suggested idea is to mend at least 2 of those. :)

In my case when I fire into a bunch of walkers this happens:
* the actually targeted walker jerk 4 times
* all of the walkers fall dead (or a few body shots among them)
* there are random shots in the dust

There's no logic in having to hit one walker 5 times before it falls when others fall at once. And the 4 shots are well separated, it could be at a faster pace. It gives the impression that it matters which of them I actually targeted?

This is important because:
* I'm annoyed by it being illogical
* it's usually not possible to fast forward my own move

No, this is not a do-or-die feature. But it should be easy to implement a simple change for improved speed at least.


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