Great game, but I'm out (constructive feedback).

NG, you guys put together a great game and I've had a blast playing. Ranked to 4th in AUS and 24th globally, which was fun.

For me, the game had proper long-term playability, but certain things changed my perspective - hence me ceasing playing. Constructive feedback below...

1. Undocumented changes / updates were a killer. We'd get a feel for the game mechanics and you'd change it on us without notice. One particular nasty was free gas, but smashing the quality of gold chests. Keep the comms open and you'll keep players. This alone could define the level of future success.

2. Radio calls could be improved by somehow considering the types of survivors (even if only slightly) that the player already has. People gripe about this massively, so a tweak to reduce the likelihood of pulling something you have lots of is reduced. I was lucky to get a great spread of survivors quickly (although my first 5 legendaries were all scouts) but others likely quit out of frustration due.

3. Mission reward survivors @ level 17,18 and 19 needs a patch. Only those (includes me) with these pre-patch survivors can truly compete in leaderboards. In this challenge, the top players in my guild have 697, 694 and 674 stars. Impossible with a decked crew of level 16 legendaries. It was clearly a bug, so execute a simple fix and roll-back these challenge survivors to level 16. It evens the playing field and nobody would have grounds to complain. It's a bug. Bugs get patched.

4. Rewards at end-game (particularly challenge rewards at higher levels) should drop reasonable gear at some level of consistency and be based on your character levels. My survivors are level 16 and every challenge item that dropped was 12-14, which doesn't motivate/incentivise gameplay. I love it that legendary drops with good traits are incredibly hard to get (makes it awesome to receive one), but gold drops (regardless of rarity) should be nearer to the player's characters or it's pointless playing. Grinding stars = gold being spent, so incentivise that with awesome drops. Keep the paying customers fed and they'll keep paying.

5. Refer # 1 - just communication. So easy to do and very powerful in retaining an engaged player base.

Again, awesome game. Thanks for putting it together - I've had a great time playing. :)


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    Did grimey/outofthebox00 just quote himself? Bad form, good man.
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    Not Grimey (whoever the hell he is). Just giving kudos to NG for a mint game and providing feedback. No gripes here whatsoever.
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    Not you. Well written post by you. I was commenting on the Troll posting after you.
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    The students gets an A! Soon you shall surpass me my worthy one :D
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    @Skoopee great post, and your views are widely appreciated and highlight the many concerns many have and how also the current situation with the survivors is flawed. and even more so after the attempt to stop it getting wide spread, problem is just while they exist it is really bad if only some can get. I doth my cap to you for your honesty and your skill to even get the 19 warrior, that's some SERIOUS skill to get that!

    I hope it helps with long term development, as many people i am sure will follow you this week, after forest, id rather have no challenges for a week or 2 to allow them to put appropriate fixes in place than have these exploits or bugs more than exploits maybe in place, id also love to see all stars this week cancelled, given the excessive nature of the impact.

    As for Grimey / valutrecruiter, as i say before if your goign to quit do it, but why feel need to comment on someone ego's and again as far as im aware this current issue causing the biggest jump in stars here is only present after the update. I for one dont use them, but plenty im sure will, and a lot accidentally on double trouble.

    PS well said Dan, didn't used to agree with much of what you used to say, but certainly seeing you in a different light recently.
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