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Hi guys, lately many people from our guild are just giving up on the game, which makes us hunt for new people all the time, but the issue here comes with the fact that we are not getting any requests in the game, not even if I place ads all the time.

A few months ago, we got some requests and they were always from spanish people.. I thought it was a bit weird at first, but we kept going. We are from several places... USA, Mexico, Middle East and I am from Spain and also the leader.. so at this point I may be trying to figure out if my theory that our guild is "spanish" and we are only in the radar of spanish people is actually true or not.

I'm just looking for some answers because we are already down 6 (2 more left yesterday) and this is not "nothing" anymore. If someone could help me out with this would be great, if my theory is true maybe its time to pass the leadership to someone else from a place with more active players.. or take action according to whatever info you guys have.

Thank you very much!!! :)


  • ArtisansArtisans Member Posts: 729
    Is your guild on the Spanish leaderboard? That could have something to do with it. I don't think you can change your guild's original designation by changing leaders. Could be wrong, though.
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  • JellyttaJellytta Member Posts: 18
    every member of the guild can see us in their country's leaderboard, not just in the spanish one
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
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    It might be related to your guild leaders country and what leader board they see.

    I believe that is what @Artisans means.

    I'm also not sure if changing leader would affect your issue but it might. The leader could also try changing their location, I believe the leader board is related to your language setting of device. If you leader changes their language setting to something more appropriate it might solve your problem.


    (Edit to add; You could also contact support from ingame, they should be able to answer your question(s) better)
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  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,541
    Yeah from my understanding it's based on the location of the person who made the guild at the time the guild was made.

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  • JellyttaJellytta Member Posts: 18
    Thank you very much guys, I will contact support before deleting-creating my guild again to see if we can change anything!! haha <3
  • ArtisansArtisans Member Posts: 729
    Thanks @TJS. Yes, that's what I meant. The leader of my last guild, who was European, asked me to start the guild initially so that we would rank as a guild on the US leaderboard.When he took over, it didn't change.
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  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    I am the leader of a Canadian guild, but I cannot see the Canadian guild standings
    I am in the US and can only see US standings

    Our guild was started by a Canadian and most members are Canadian
    The leadership has changed since 2016 from a Canadian to a Panama citizen to a US citizen
    When the Panama leader was in office, he could only see Panama guilds
    Hope that helps?

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  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    I think it relates to what region the guild was first created from (think of it as the country of incorporation of sorts), as it pertains to “local” board visibility. However, an individual player will always be able to see their own guild’s local standings in whichever region they’re at, except other players may not see same. For example, if I alter my phone settings to Iceland, I will see my guild ranked in that region. Yet the true Icelandic players will not see my guild listed there at all. If you’re predominantly getting requests from an isolated country of where guild created from, it may possibly be because others have seen your guild listed on that local board and want to join the party. But you’ve alluded to an interesting aspect; whether country of incorporation results in guild advertisements heavily shifted towards those region of players. I don’t know the answer to this latter part.

    ...Aaaaand then there’s the separate quirk of how every individual player is conveniently ranked #51. Good times.
  • paintbeastpaintbeast Member Posts: 1,188
    I think maybe a bigger issue you are having is that you are advertising in-game. You may as well throw that gold away for all the good it does. Try advertising in the guild section of the forum.
  • JellyttaJellytta Member Posts: 18
    So, in case someone needs some answers as well ... these are the answers the support system of the game gave me and it leaves no other choice than passing my leadership onto someone else if we want to keep playing all together as a guild:

    “If you take a look at our FAQ regarding Guild advertisements, you can see that the adverts target players based on the average level of the Guild members and the country of the Guild leader -
    It might be an idea to pass leadership on to someone from another country if you feel that it might benefit your Guild overall.”

    I asked them again about the list of available Guilds that members see without those ads, if the leader’s country would be the main target and this is what they told me:

    “The list of Guilds will tend to favour those based on the criteria I outlined above, so there will be a higher likelihood of Spanish players seeing your Guild, although with so many variables it's a slightly fuzzy matching system.”

    Seriously, this algorithm s*cks so badly because probably USA works as a whole but Europe is divided into different countries.. how on earth can you compete to that?? It doesn't make any sense, maybe it would be a great idea if they actually add some option like they did about the "intensity" (casual or hardcore players) so you can decide if you only want people from your country or anyone from any place of the world.

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