How Do I Contact Support?

I'm not sure how to contact support or if this can even be resolved. My issue is as follows:

I've had enough tokens to unlock both Michonne and Carl for some time, but I haven't unlocked them. I've had them available since my survivors were level 20 (proof from comments in another thread I'd have to dig up from a week or 2 ago), but I haven't unlocked either of them since I'm wanting to wait until I'm max level with one of my survivors, that way Michonne and Carl unlock at that level as well. This gives me an instant team, and saves me tons of XP.

However, I was clicking on my training grounds to see how many more supplies I needed to upgrade and the game lagged/paused. I tapped the screen several times before I knew what was going on. When the game unfroze, I saw the animation playing for Carl being unlocked :( ...there goes all of the XP that I would have saved. Is there any way to get my tokens back and to have him "unlockable" but not "unlocked" again? I haven't played any missions yet with him and haven't swapped any weapons on him, haven't added badges, etc. Hell, I don't even know what his trait is because I haven't clicked on it. I did however click on the Share button for the extra 10 Carl tokens as I wasn't sure of the result I may get from support if I were able to contact them and Carl tokens are one of the most rare in the game and I didn't want to pass up the chance at getting 10 if support wasn't able to help me.

@Kaz @Shteevie please help?


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    Gear icon top right
    then Help button bottom right
    finally Chat balloon top right
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    They run on Finland time and no its not 24/7. Probably 9 - 5 & not on weekends.
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    Good luck.

    They should at the very least have a confirm dialog window popup. It has big consequences to a user's game set up. Especially when they have 2 survivors already at a higher level than the rest.
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    Let me get out my crystal ball and see if I can find their future comment...there it is...”Sorry, stay safe out there survivor.”
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    Sorry to hear that @PigBenis I also had a similar situation however mine was I wanted to check how much gold a 40 call would cost without radios.

    Saw it, went BadDam! Hell no, and disconnected. When I reconnected later it had the Survivor lite on the radio tower. Somehow during the disconnect, it accepted the use of the gold. My stupidity for even checking, but since it was still sitting on roll 1 of 3 I hoped they would believe me.

    Naw, same exact answer pretty much. So I ended up with a bunch of crap for a shitpot full of gold. I just consider them lambs for the slaughter.

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    What? You didn’t want to spend 2000 gold for a cal?
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