Scout without dodge or retaliate?

Equipped with some damage and health badges, and a good weapon that has interrupt, is this scout a keeper? Or should i just take the shooter tokens instead?

other than heroes, none of my scouts have vigilant or PS and only one has DS... just adding that in in case it might make a difference towards whether or not i should keep her :P


  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    A keeper? Yes. She is a great defensive scout.

    Would I dump tokens into her? Absolutely not
  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    Would I take the 256 tokens? Hell yes ;)
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  • THCrossTHCross Member Posts: 493
    Oh wow give her gold interrupt and charging and watch her devour the walkers
    Definitely a keeper in my book
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,220
    From a Sasha call, rare scout had 3 good traits took a chance and it worked out.

    I love Hero calls for all the bonuses.
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