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I'm currently working on beefing up my outpost defense setup so thought I would create this post to pull together the ideas I currently have for best setup and maybe get a little input on things I don't know! I don't plan on becoming a crate blocker as I think the simplest and most effective defense is to offer up your crate but I would like to beef up my defense in case the attacker decides to be less than polite!

Character traits:

• Since badges don't work in outpost some traits become more vital. Strong/marksman for damage. Iron skin/dodge/bullet dodge for defense. What about powerstrike/vigilant/defensive stance, do these come into play in outpost?
• Retaliate/punish/revenge - Extra attacks are great, especially if you can get all three working in tandem between your 3 defenders.
• Leader traits - In my experience the 3 most used leaders are Dwight, Rosita and Daryl. All 3 boost damage and all 3 have retaliate so I can understand why. I've been going with Dwight since he has iron skin/bullet dodge. Is there someone else who people find to be a bit of a bastard to come up against?
• Ruthless is essentially useless?

Weapon/Armour traits:

• Again, since badges don't work, traits like lethal/destructive/incendiary become more important for damage and iron skin/dodge/bullet dodge for defense. Traits like threat reduction, swift strike, charging, wide bore/spread, silencer, training gear and piercing become less important.
• Stun resistance is the #1 most important armour trait?
• Hazard suit/bullet proof/sniper harness become much more desirable traits (Hazard suit is an excellent trait all around but here more important here especially if you have incendiary on another defender).
• Again, ruthless is essentially useless?

Defending against charge attacks:

• Since an assault/bruiser/warrior charge attack is a guaranteed non-body shot, does this render hazard/bullet proof useless on this occasion? What I'm wondering is if anyone has ever seen their charge attack fail to stun not down to stun resist but down to these armour traits triggering?
• Similarly, a shooter/hunter/scout charge is a guaranteed crit attack, has anyone seen their charge attack change into a normal attack because dodge/bullet dodge triggered?

Class and Map setup:

• Is there a setup which is more tricky for an attacker, without giving too much away to anyone who may raid me in the future I currently have Dwight with incendiary/retaliate, a bruiser with punish/hazard and a shooter with revenge/flare gun.
• Which map do you find hardest to win i.e. quarry no. 3 (I have no idea which one this is but just giving an example).

Any input would be appreciated! I realise the odds are stacked in favour of the attacker due to charge attacks/badges but it would be nice to get a few more wins. Or at the very least if I do lose influence I'd like to be safe in the knowledge that it cost them hospital time. I've created this thread for my own information and also so that someone newer to the game might be able to learn a few things. If your hospital starts building up in the future please don't blame me :lol:



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    As Ron Swanson might say, "fool them with the decoy tg's"
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    No one defense strategy is going to work 100% of the time.

    First ask yourself, How much resources do I want to invest in outpost defense where I only lose influence points once or twice a week?

    If answer is yes then take these tips and alternatives into consideration.

    Dwight is nice leader, but I switched to Abe and 2 hunters. All gold stun and gold sniper gear with gold incendiary weapons except silver varmint for Abe. They remain stationary for the sniper gear bonus damage and health.

    I place my tg's up front to avoid an attack if possible.

    If you want to be aggressive think of these options...

    Hazard suit and stun resist are a great combo with health or luck would be great.

    Use Eugene or the King and 2 bruisers with high retaliate line them up right behind the gate gold concussion and luck weapons. Set them to offensive.The king is nice in case the stun resistant armor doesn't kick in. You can general still stun at least 2 and have a chance to run at the clock unless the raider understands to take the unstunned toon and go get the tg crate and hit complete.

    There are many more options that are good...the spread defense of keeping the toons as far apart as possible also helps most of the time...
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    Some maps are harder than others, but really good players can beat every map and scenario at least 90% of the time...
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    My personal setup is the use a map where the TG is reachable by any survivor upon opening the gate, with a clear, unimpeded path. Lake map with the goods one space away from the gate is an easy one, but I prefer quarry with cover high and low, with 2 k-rails in between. This encourages the TG hunters to take the prize and leave. Fortunately, I did not invest in walkers to any extent. I have 2 armored, no tanks, and 6-7 regular walkers. The walkers are around level 2 or 3.

    For those who want to kill my guys and take influence I use all three heroes you mentioned - Daryl, Dwight, and Rosita. All three are legendary, and while Daryl and Rosita have a pink star, in outposts pink stars are not nearly as useful since bodyshots are rare due to the attackers and defenders being within a couple levels of each other. I put Dwight in the lead for his leader trait. Rosita's trait has a higher damage number, but requires a single target, so I would rather have a little less damage but have it applied to multiple targets.

    I use those three due in large part to their ability to hit multiple targets, and more importantly, they all have retaliate. If one gets hit they will likely retaliate and hit multiple defenders during retaliate, then get in another hit on their turn.

    All have armor with gold stun resist, and Daryl and Rosita have gold sniper harness. The third armor trait is less important, but I prefer it to be one of iron skin, health, or bullet dodge. Still looking for another hunter armor for Dwight with gold stun resist and gold sniper harness. Daryl and Dwight have incendiary on their rifles.

    I set them all to stationary behind cover to utilize sniper harness in conjunction with the base cover damage/damage reduction.

    I hover right around the 5000 influence mark. Most cycles I can ignore my outpost and gain influence from attackers who bit off more than they could chew. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing I was attacked 6 times, with some combo of close defeats with only one defender left standing, defensive wins, and/or draws where the defender lost a guy or two and bailed, and my influence has gone up by 30-40 points. And if I find my influence below the 5k mark on the last day of the cycle, it is not too difficult to go out and win a few raids to get back over 5k.
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    @The_Jer I do have a hunter armour with silver sniper harness, gold stun and gold iron skin which I will upgrade for Dwight then. So if I set them to stationary they will sit behind their sandbags or whatever else it is, they will still attack but not move?
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    That's correct. If they are set to stationary they won't move.
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    Great, I mean it seems an obvious question I just wanted to make sure they would still attack. I guess it's a good idea to pick a map where the Dwight would still have line of sight from where I put him
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    You can also place them against fence rails and certain fences and as long as you put them in stationary and not defensive or offensive they stay in cover.

    Pay attention to the maps you raid and you can pick out all the squatty places and map you want to use and were to place them in cover...

    Happy Walker killing!!!
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