Stars! Resette-button or count as "new stars"!

CarleoneCarleone Member Posts: 27
Hi there, I like to chase records in the game, I used to do about 1300 stars as maximum, and now I do about 900-1000.
I would really like an option to either resette my "record star score" or to have a new record somehow.
I sometimes try to push for a new record but that have not happened in a while because I just dont know what my new record is.
(yes, I know I can write it down myself but thats not going to happen ;) The record on my phone is absolete anyway as it is now. )
Give it a thought.


  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 483
    I agree wholeheartedly!
    If the game system changes, previous records are moot. Statistically irrelevant, actually.
    I'll probably never break my obsolete 'record', earned during free gas, old system, a long weekend, and a deep roster of nerds to send to the medic tent.
    Reset, please.
  • kissfanalivekissfanalive Member Posts: 12
    How about 2 records posted on the board. One would be for normal play challenges only. No special events like free gas or previous challenge gave free pass for every 3 rounds rather than the normal 5. The 2nd high score would be all time high school whether from a special event or regular play.
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