Guild vs guild?

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Hi all,

I know the issue of pvp has been touted, but surely TWD works on the premise that not only do you have to worry about walkers but you also have other factions trying to get your supplies or the supplies you are out raiding. Would be good if we could get some guild vs guild events every so often (maybe once a month?).. Any thoughts?


  • McDeathMcDeath Member Posts: 8
    So long as its not forced,

    Also, You can be competitive with guilds without having to engage in PvP
  • ZinZin Member Posts: 64
    Well yes.. Even a leaderboard would be something. I like the idea of rewarding the top guilds without penalising the lesser ones (e.g. If your guild doesn't participate in an event you don't get all your gear stolen and all your Xp and food).
  • AzrulAzrul Member Posts: 48
    Guild vs guild sounds good. For as long as the matchmaking is fair.
  • rayray Member Posts: 111
    McDeath said:

    So long as its not forced,

    Also, You can be competitive with guilds without having to engage in PvP

    I agree with you there as long as it isn't forced.

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  • ZinZin Member Posts: 64
    In BTD strongest guilds got the best rewards but weaker/newer guilds suffered no penalty as a result of this
  • jureforjusticejureforjustice Member Posts: 270
    I always hate the idea of "if you do good this week, you get really nice rewards to boost your characters!" This in turn just makes no new guild/team want to play because they won't be able to catch up because "The best will always want to be the best" and therefore, rewarding the best team would only cause them to always stay on top.
  • HEROHERO Member Posts: 3
    Would you mind include the next update for this. Not just guild vs guild, we want multiplayer like raiding each other base for supplies and killing players in a specific location.
  • irishmobirishmob Member Posts: 482
    Apple guilds already got a head start on the game. There are a lot of new guilds that would are way behind them already. Can you let them catch up a little. If not there will be totally dominant guilds that no one can catch up to.
    There will be teams that spend a lot of gold that people won't be able to compete with. No need to make it totally unfair.
  • OldGothOldGoth Member Posts: 297
    We are very much aware of the issue of being able to catch up to players who've been at it for a longer time. We want it to be an even playing field.
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    Forced pvp (i.e.: non-consensual) is the bane of gaming as far as I am concerned. I certainly hope you do NOT include it in this one. I have quit uncountable games because they have failed to note that there is non-consensual pvp in their ads, or they have added it after I have already played for a while. Especially where people can spend real money to get an advantage in the game.

    Note: I have also gotten Apple to refund all monies paid towards any game that I have had to leave because I dislike non-consensual pvp and will not make an exception, as I don't support non-consensual pvp with my money.
  • OverwatcherOverwatcher Member Posts: 49
    The next update has something related to this thread. We're not considering adding non-consensual PvP, but I assume our PvP system will offer nice rewards for the top players. If you want to read up on a model of thinking we've used to some degree, check up Bartle's Four. I'd be happy to please all four player types presented there, which does imply PvP will remain optional.
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    As long as pvp doesn't disadvantage the inactive player (assuming you are not battling in real time) then I don't have a problem what advantage the active player gets. Surely rewarding active players is a good thing, and of course those who spend money will naturally be at an advantage. My wish is that we can do something as a guild that ranks us against other guilds so we can encourage participation and try to rank as high as possible. In other games (e.g. Beyond the dead) the same few guilds were always top of the pile (e.g. Justice league) but for us, finishing in the top 30 was a big achievement and so still a buzz when we managed it. We were just getting stronger when they closed the game :(
  • joshokayyjoshokayy Member Posts: 6
    It'll be cool if PvP wasn't just killing each other or something like that -Maybe: 1) Who can gather the most supplies in a round 2) Who can push the car the furthest 3) Who can save as many citizens as possible.
    I know looting and raiding is in the world of 'The Walking Dead' but I kinda like how the game doesn't have the component in it. I'm probably in the minority in this sense, but I love how this game is more individually strategic, than attacking other players.
    Also be cool if there was a guild base or something
  • ICEDICED Member Posts: 17
    Don't think it will be fair for some guild as it will be a case of survival of the fittest.
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