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I used to like badges. Now I think I just need to shut up.


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    Yeah.. @masmith93 was something like a cataclysm... ;)
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    There's one person with the 5000 comments badge.

    I won't mention name but it does start with a 'z' o:)
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    Bill_ZRT said:

    @DLich - Did you get laid off or are you just a tremendous slacker at work?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!

    PS @Bill_ZRT your comment has made it's way into my signature :wink:

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    DLich said:

    11 Recipients (in ranking of when they received it)

    This is why we can't have new toys! @DLich would analyze the data way too much. We would be left with nothing but data charts and possibly a pie chart once in awhile.

    DLich needs more family time. Haha

    (However, love your work. Don't stop as it brings a little joy to a dark forum)
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    I take some, repeat some, solace in the fact it's taken me the longest.
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