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I’ve been playing my butt off to gather phone for the last two hero-fest. I did 2 rolls each of the last 2 time and have only gotten one hero. What bull. I think I’m going to retire from this game. I thought the idea of hero fest was to be guaranteed a hero. I wait one more hero fest. If the rewards stink 8m out.


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    Good luck with that!

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    Hero Tokens are not guaranteed in a hero fest call. You can see the odds (drop rates) by clicking the " ¡ " symbol.

    Better luck with your next call.
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    don't stress brrrooooo... if you want "GUARANTEED" Hero Tokens you need to save up for the "Platinum" calls they guarantee you at least one hero.......how about a PLATINUM HERO FEST CALL @Kaz ?
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    Unlucky dude, but it happens.

    Quite frankly Hero Week >>>>>>> Hero Fest
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