$40 for a Legendary Fragment? HA!

Is anybody out there actually going to purchase a Legendary Fragment, 3000 Gold, and 50 Phones for the ridiculous amount of $40? I don't know how many monkeys with typewriters NG has working on their pricing structure, but surely they need to eat a banana, take a nap, and stop throwing so much poop against the wall to see what sticks.
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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,357

    This gives whole new meaning to my poo bundle threads. Its really ironic because normally once a week you can buy 20k gold for 99.99. Then the legendary frag bundles were 5k gold. So I have always said NG values Legendary frag at $25($100/4) But this shows how jacked up their numbers people are. I mean they are basically saying 50 phones and 3k gold is worth 15 bucks. Which I guess given some of the more recent bundles that isn't all that horrible.

    @Kaz did you all do this just so I would login and start grading the bundles again?

  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 946
    NG your pricing structure is losing you money, seriously lower the prices and sell more, it's a no brainer.
    I'd also take a guess that the drop rate for legendary frags is dropped to almost no chance.
    In other news I got a squad of camp walkers all carrying phones, that was nice.
  • mik81mik81 Member Posts: 360
    edited May 2018
    Sad thing @Bill_ZRT is that I've seen players spending ridiculous amounts of money on these type of games, where gambling is huge. Money that they could not afford to spend, and it all ended with divorce, wife and the kids out of the house, big numbers on CCard debts...

    Addiction is a serious business/problem and the lack the regulation here in this industry is unbelievable. Most of this games should be rated as casino games, and fall into that regulation.

    NML isn't the worst one... but still should be rated as such.
  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 946
    Legendary badge set bundle, 3 damage and 3 random, at the right price I would spend money. £9.99 to be exact.
  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 322
    I think it’s totally absurd. I haven’t seen a leg fragment since the last badge creation event. was wondering where they all went.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,609
    The pure outage always makes me SMH...

    I wasted about 3 seconds on this, long enough to see it, say to myself "hmmm, nope, not for me" and then move on.

    No different than 99% of the other bundles offered.

    Nothing to see here, moving on.

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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    I think they price as they choose.

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  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 637
    cheaper than i thought it was ( $99.00 ). pocket change.
  • PicPic Member Posts: 990
    It's the chance of getting the legendary badge after even buying the fragment that concerns me. I don't want to look at an epic badge that cost me 40 dollars. Maybe having the badge already crafted would be worth 40. But not as is, not in my opinion. But maybe someone else. Another man's trash is another man's treasure.
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 623
    The point is, I think, stop thinking in terms of selling to the richest of the rich. Offer these same bundles at a reasonable price to the working class people who will spend $5, but never $40, and watch those NG stock prices go right back up. @Kaz @Shteevie
    “Simply put, there’s a vast ocean of sh!t you people don’t know sh!t about. Rick knows every fine grain of said sh!t.”

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