Assault Hero Fest for 40 Radio call


  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    Poor Glenn, he just wanna be part of the group :(
    On a Hero-Fest Call there's a chance to find all the heroes (but Aaron), however, there's an increased chance of finding the highlighted heroes. If you tap on that green "i" on the top-right of the Hero-Fest Call Image, you can see what are the chances to find the hero you want. :)
  • Debbo34Debbo34 Member Posts: 37
    Next week marks my 2 year anniversary of playing this game. The rpg sounds Interesting. I'm looking forward to an upgrade because I have become very frustrated with this game for so many reasons i.e. if your playing the distance or playing the weekly missions and the event ends while your completing a mission you dont get the rewards at the end, the equipment scavenger mission is just a waste of gas as you never get anything worth while, the movies/commercials have on and off issues they sometimes freeze up my phone and occasionally dont get any rewards at the end, the shop real money prices are outrageously high (i.e. the newest one that offers a legendary component, why pay so much money for only a chance at getting a legendary badge.) The slim chances of getting radios/phones in missions is so ridiculously low considering how much some of the calls cost and the cost of buying them for real money is so high considering you only have a chance at getting the tokens you want. Just like posted above by Romeo I have spent a lot of phones/radios to get specified hero tokens that are advertised as having a greater chances but I hardly ever get the ones specified its always the same common hero tokens or on occasion no hero tokens at all a total waste of 40 phones. My list can just goes on and on. I feel like so many things are set up to attract new players and you dont care about your loyal players. If you combine my real my purchases over the past two years Ive spent a few hundred dollars easy so I have a lot time and money invested in this game. Thank you.
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