Still getting bodyshots on regular walkers

dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
I am 1 of the players who lost many rounds the other day. Today when I saw no bodyshots I thought this would help make up for the 100+☆ I was unable to get due to missing rounds. WRONG!! I am still experiencing bodyshots just like always. So far my only survivor who is dropping regular lvl 29 & some
lvl 30s is my 7☆ warrior that usually does. So now I am even more frustrated!! Half my guild has over 1000☆s & I cant get close to that. I really was hoping to get 1000☆ this week, my PB is 1017☆. I really think that I should of been able to reach 1100-1150☆s this week with the no bodyshots today.
Is anyone else who had rounds missing still getting bodyshots?
PS I expect to get bodyshots with armored & fatties but the way it reads I should not be getting any with regular walkers. Many guild family members have confirmed that they are Not getting bodyshots except on armored


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