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    @Kaz are the old UC rewards back on this week or am I dreaming or imagining something???

    Edited...never mind, just wishful thinking dreams,)
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    Kaz said:

    - I think capping the bodyshots at 70% is definitely an interesting event. But I think the 0% chances only work as a surprise event, don't you agree? If we announce that beforehand, wouldn't then people wait to play all their missions on a Sunday (when it'll be easier)? And I'm not saying this is a fact, but just a thing that got me thinking.

    Some might but many will probably not.

    A. You don't need 0% bodyshots for the easy missions up to a certain RSL+

    B. Many people enjoy the challenge so if they knew there would be a 0% bodyshot on Sunday they would still play until it gets quite too hard for them to then tackle the harder missions on Sunday.

    C. There are only so many hours in a day you can actually play. People have a real life, too, so many might not be able to play 8h straight or however long it takes to play all their missions when it's easier (and also: see A.)

    D. Missions cost gas. So people not on a booster will not even be able to play all missions on one day unless they at least use gold for gas refills - and that will get expensive pretty soon. So it might only happen that people on a booster maybe play all their missions on Sunday. But that might also sell some more boosters I would think - so that would be a win-win, no?

    E. Healing times/healing costs - finishing the missions as soon as possible will give people more time towards the end of the challenge to re-try... because no bodyshots still doesn't mean there will be no injury. There will be people who will be enabled to 3 star even the highest difficulties but for many others that will not be the case. So they will try to have as much time to heal towards the end of the challenge so they can retry without having to spend too much gold (I still did spend some because I really, really enjoyed the 0% bodyshots and the different strategies and the nostalgia - ahhh, good old times before the interrupt nerf when you could still kite a fatty...)

    Not all of this will be true for everyone but those are just some thoughts and some reasons why I think that most people will not wait until Sunday to play all their missions (assuming we are talking about challenge missions).
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    Dodkong said:

    Each week I stop at the same spot in the Challenge, barring a useful event like the 0% bodysuits.

    For me, having a surprise event on only Sunday won't hinder my progress in the slightest, and in the case of the 0% body's hot, allowed me to surpass my normal ending point.

    Well, I can certainly see how 0% bodysuits and 0% body's hot will help you get farther in the challenge, seeing how distracting bodysuits and body's hot can be. >:):D:joy:

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    How about reduced hospital timer on Sundays, or a 1.99 bundle for Express Heals for 24 hours.

    Seems like we dont get that perk often enough.
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    @Jaden Lol, I blame autocorrect and trying to type that up at the end of a break. I usually read over my posts before posting in hopes of catching autocorrect going rogue. But that time I didn't.

    But you do have a good point about being distracted. :#
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