Fire death grants experience

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I love the new BBQ assault weapon: I've already upgraded it fully. (Ditto, the Molotov, which is a tactically fascinating weapon!)

But its charge ability disappoints me, for two reasons, one of which bothers me enough to post here.
1. No charge-attack stun is a definite game changer. No problem there; I like collecting the weird weapons with unique behaviors; and it keeps me on my toes. But:
2. It's very disappointing to have Maggie lead two folks with gold-level experience armor (that is, +70% experience combined) and have the use of that charge COST me experience earnings because the flaming peeps die from fire. The opportunity cost can be significant, when the burners are special Zs or survivors (thousands of XP).

PROPOSAL: Can't you 'tag' a flamer with the entity ID that set it on fire and reward XP based on normal calculations (that is, as if the entity killed the flamer outright)?

No, I do not expect XP for kiting an already-flaming flamer (that is, on fire due to mission starting parameters) until it succumbs. No entity tag on those Zs, right?

But, dammit, if I lit em, I get em!


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    Yes you do set them on fire BUT

    When your shot does not end up killing them, and they remain with less than 10% health left burning then they die by cause of fire.

    That's fire that killed them, not you.

    And I don't mean it like in long run. Yes you did set them on fire but direct cause if death in this very moment was burning from fire, not your action in this very second.

    That's how I see it.
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 483
    Yes, that's how the current system works.
    I dislike it because it devalues special gear like the BBQ and Molotov. Hence my posting a reasonable proposal (which is echoed in gaming by thousands of games, including OG D&D, the great-granddad: I lit it, I get it).
    I'm happy if you find the current system acceptable! I'll also wager that you'd be happy with a few extra burner-death XP; put another way: You gain, and I don't feel cheated for buying into the creative ideas from our valiant developers! ;-)
    As someone trying to farm millions of experience each week, those opportunity costs add up, and they make me not want to use weapons for which I've paid real cash and millions of XP (~7m EACH?!).
    It's not that radical, though it will require some db tweaks.
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    Artminius said:

    Yes, that's how the current system works.

    I dislike it because it devalues special gear like the BBQ and Molotov.

    Sorry, I'm a wee bit confused on why you, or anyone else, has not had this complaint about all the rifles with Incendiary, or the much sought after flare gun?

    Why is it now a game needs changer because of two assault weapons?

    Just curious.
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  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 483
    I burned it, I earned it. Old school Xp-reward logic.
    I also never liked being shorted by incendiary, since you mentioned it. I've actively avoided upgrading such weapons: they cost me XP, and if I'm unlucky, the flamer hits me and sets me alight. How shitty is that? I paid to use a weapon that is less effective, costs me XP, and could injure my nerds. Am I really a goat for asking for my XP?!
    I lit it, pay me.
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    Also, I realized a flaw in the logic that "the fire killed it." Unless you're using fists, some 'tool' always kills it: the bludgeon, blade, or bullet. Fire is humanity's first tool. (Maybe second, after bludgeon.)

    I think they just haven't tweaked the original code for when Zs START OUT burning. Of course I don't get XP for those, should they flame to death.

    So my proposal requires that such Zs be 'tagged' as 'burning because of environment'; and any that I light with a weapon (not explosion! that's environment!) are tagged 'burning because of Character X'. If THOSE Zs flame to death, the XP is given to me based on X's gear, the Hero Leader (if applicable, ie, Maggie), and the Z's level and type.

    Not a 'one line of code' fix; but pretty trivial, I think.
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