Guild minimum star share.

Too often we get recruits that request to join that either don't play the challenges or get very little stars at all. In our guild we require a minimum # of stars per challenge for a player to be allowed to stay on the team. No one feels that it's fair that those players get to benefit from their hard work while not contributing. I have 2 suggestions to handle this.
1. Have the players average star count shown along with their player level when they request to join. This way we can better determine whether to accept or not.
2. Allow the guild leader to set a minimum star requirement. Players would not get any guild rewards until reaching that minimum. However I think the stars they have up to that point should still go towards the team total. Once they reach the minimum they would then receive all rewards accumulated by the team. When a member that hasn't met the minimum enters the game they should see a list of all current rewards that they would get when the minimum is reached.
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