Most fun I’ve had in months

Just wanted to thank @Kaz and NG. This week has been the most fun I’ve had playing the game in months.

Starting with the no bodyshot event on a Sunday, I had a blast pushing to levels I don’t normally reach and using different teams, tactics, and strategies that usually don’t work. I hope that becomes a regular weekend event.

Increasing the TG rewards from outpost raids motivated me to actually raid outposts again. I hope the increase can be made permanent at least for outposts with level 26 walkers, cause that rebalance is long overdue.

Extra guild rewards in the challenge from last week, whether it be more round passes, tokens, gold, and especially that legendary fragment were all motivating to push my guild to levels we don’t normally push.

Having special weapons available in the TG shop, whether it be legendary hero weapons or epic weapons with special traits, also motivates me to play more. Please let there be an epic pitchfork or kingdom spear in the TG shop.

Morgan double tokens day was a pleasant and helpful surprise. Thank you.

Now, if we could get a 5 second equipment upgrade weekend event, I’ll actually pay a little money to take advantage and upgrade all the sweet new gear I have. That would pretty much cap the best week-long stretch I can remember in NML (recent) history.


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