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I'm new; only in Episode 5 so I'm still learning. I have a computer background so, when I play a game like this, I like to try to figure out the code. I never will, of course, because I don't know the algorithm they use to generate their pseudo-random numbers but I still enjoy testing things out and seeing, if I do A and B, what will happen. Different results at different times, sure, but I think it's fun.

Yesterday, I sent my C team (a level 5 bruiser, a level 5 hunter, and a level 5 scout) on a food run back in Episode 4. They completed the mission uninjured. Much to my surprise, I got a Legendary weapon:

I thought that was pretty cool so I figured I would try to do it again. My first few tries didn't work but today I sent another team (a level 8 scout, a level 7 scout and a level 6 shooter) back to Episode 2 to do mission 2 in hard mode. They got injured but completed the mission. and, to my surprise, I got another Legendary weapon:

I don't know how common Legendary weapons are but I'm happy I got two this early.


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    congrats.. as your survivors level up, you will find that you need a higher level weapons, and will make the legendary weapon obsolete. So, enjoy your legendary weapon now while its still not obsolete.

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    Good point. I've scrapped my one star weapons because I have better ones. It will hurt to scrap these. But I can upgrade them for a while, can't I?

    I'll admit: I'm still not clear on the relationship between the level and the number of stars.

    I have an epic level 5, four star shirt that is maxed out. The lower right number is 42. I also have rare level 6, three star shirt that is a 45. It seems wrong that they will outgrow my epic shirts but that happens, doesn't it?
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    if you compare same level items, higher star item got a few more points. but higher level items still got more points. the advantage of higher star items are the traits. higher star, better traits. bronze, silver, gold trait.

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