Need a counter on survivors

Hey, I was thinking, is there a reason why we can’t see the damage and status on our survivors? I always look away at the wrong moments and can’t tell if they got bruised or not 🤔


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    You can pinch zoom in to see their health meters more clearly (unless their name has a lot of descender letters which obscure the meter, like Maggie). Most nerds won't be bruised until half-green meters.
    That said: I utterly endorse the idea of an icon on the character portrait to show injury status. I think it's low development priority because, without Tara, it would be irrelevant data: injury happened, replay the challenge mission if you want 3 stars. It MIGHT also be handy in Outpost or Distance, if you're trying to make sure that a nerd that can take a hit, takes it. Hmmm....
    Yeah, total agreement: injury-status indicators on the sidebar character portraits would often be valuable!
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    Thanks @Artminius . Who’s the patron of saints here in the suggestion &idea section? @Kaz ? @Shteevie ?
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    When i saw the thread title i thought it was for a kill counter, but its healthbar type thing,
    I Should imagine it cant be that hard many other games have them, heres a couple of ideas

    Replacing existing bar which is hard to see :

    Amendment to current format:


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    Thanks @Artminius . Who’s the patron of saints here in the suggestion &idea section?

    I'd offer Isidore of Seville as a suggestion.
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    Holiday weekend = too busy to reply
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    I had also thought of this idea some time ago and wanted to see a HP bar similar to what is on walkers be placed on our survivors.

    I would also like to see the range/average damage our survivors can do in normal and charge attacks. Plus I want to see the average damage inflicted by different walkers at their different levels.

    Lastly, I'd like to see walkers that are an immediate threat to my survivors be outlined in red for example. I know they move 2 spaces, but on diagonal and such I sometimes mess up still. Knowing which ones can cause damage would help players move accordingly and would improve game playability.
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