The distance

Was this issue ever addressed?
The levels are not numbered correctly in the distance. It jumps from level 39 to level 41 and so forth.
I doubt that there is a legitimate answer because there should be no excuse at all to improperly number the levels. No one could be that dumb.......right?
So is this a matter for the "bug" department?


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    As in mission 20 has level 39 walkers and mission 21 has level 41? It's always been that way. The mission number has never matched up to the level of the walkers in it and I don't see why it should have to? It says at the start mission screen the recommended survivor level. Hope that answers your confusion :smile:
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    Mission level =/= difficulty level. I'd love to face level 21 enemies on the final mission but that kinda ruins the fun, right?
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    I start the distance at level 17 therefore the levels should conclude at level 38. Three levels are added tho...i see no apparent reason for it. If i begin the distance at level 20 then yes i would end at level 41. It would be correct. However... three levels are added and those levels are missing and that places the player at a disadvantage.
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    I'll say it for @anthony172, cause ya know his head is about to explode.

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  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    > @ShadowaceAz said:
    > I'll say it for @anthony172, cause ya know his head is about to explode.
    > "If they added Andrea it would be much better!"

    Can you read minds? 👍👍😆
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    You missed the point welly. Jumping from 30 to 32 IS the issue. Who sets a game up like that???
    Baseball has nine innings. You do not go from the third inning to the fifth inning you play one inning at a time. Same thing in boxing....fifteen rounds. I begin the distance at level 17. After that should be played in correct numerical sequence. 18....19.....20....21....etc etc.
    Is the metric system at play here????😁
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    @ninewalkers ehh I think maybe you’re missing the point. The final stage in hard distance is supposed to be extremely hard and near-impossible to complete. For those that do, they’re rewarded with a ton of hero tokens. For everyone else, it’s just something to keep working toward, versus just another biweekly grind. The recommended levels were never meant to be a metric, not sure where you got that.

    Also, just my opinion, but once you reach the point of recommended levels increasing by more than one, it really doesn’t matter anymore. Your damage isn’t going to be what wins the levels, but rather sacrifices of your survivors and passive burn damage.
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