Yard Work and bruiser bugged

MischaMischa Member Posts: 87
I had the following situation which showed inconsistencies:

My bruiser attacked the group with the fatty and came into struggle with the fatty who was not burning.
Bug 1:
Next round, the bruiser came free by magic hand but the fatty was still alive and wrestling alone. Wrestling normally takes 3 rounds and ends fatally.

Bug 2:
My hunter ignited the fatty who was still wrestling alone. After that, my bruiser who had about 40% HP attacked the fatty and immediately died. He experienced the fire damage which is 10% and in addition to that about 4000 damage, without being attacked. After the bruiser died, the wrestling fatty attacked my other survivor. WTH, why did the bruiser loose about 40% HP by hitting a burning walker?

I have a video of that scene but don’t have a YouTube account and it’s only possible to upload photos here, see attached.

This happened to me several times on that map only but I just have catched the last situation on video.

Such bugs need to be fixed, the game physics must be working traceable and sustainable.

@Kaz, tagging you to the post, please take a loot on that, thanks.
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