Screw your spoilers

Thats all. Carl is dead thx for this. What a crap ng.


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    Did you know abe and Glenn were dead? What about Sasha? How far behind are you?
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    We also landed a man on the moon
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    wtf??!!!how do you play the game if you havent seen the show dont deserve to be here then...
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    Oh boy...
  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 191
    I give up. You won.
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    I’m still mostly alive.

    Also, just thinking out loud , but even if seasons aren’t available worldwide ,simultaneously, in the corresponding time zones, isn’t it impossible to really avoid spoilers? It’s 2018. The inter webs are a thing now.
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    Yeah, I wonder why Germany for example is so slow... it might have to do with the rights. I think season 7 was first aired on Sky before it was then aired on Free TV and then it later came to Netflix. Not 100% sure about it but all that meddling with rights etc. makes it slow - and I can't blame people for not knowing about Sky - I only found out because I was looking for a legal way to watch TWD.

    And I think even Sky was behind...
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    For gods sake close this thread.
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