Thank you NG



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    That's fine I use the term from past experiences where they all operated under the term "dev" but you highlight the point better as a "NML Community" guy he would be better in tune with knowing exactly what I said would happen. Opposed to a designer or programmer who interact less
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    @PigBenis sorry I did misread your post and thought you were still on the double pink thing. I'm gonna agree to disagree here and leave it but enjoyed the discussion!
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    @jrodrf2 Sorry your thread got highjacked with negativity. I to have enjoyed the improvement regarding events over the past few weeks. The uptick in events, that in my opinion, come from suggestions from this forum are very much appreciated by me if not most playing the game. Not even attempting to speak for anyone but myself, but thank you NG!

    If only I had a Pig Benis, life would be good!
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    Naw, @PigBenis. My stool is small so I’ll turn you down. Thanks for being here for me though! Your positivity gives me goosebumps!

    Again, thanks NG!
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