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I really HATE how every single time I spend 12.5K in hard earned crates the weapon traits are absolute garbage. You need to make those traits verified for players because your "random" system in this game is the worst. Not just for weapon traits, also for the "guaranteed" hero tokens as well as badge generator. But that's a complaint for another day.

Either make the traits verified so we will know if this weapon will be a benefit or a waste of money, or better yet, LET US CHOOSE OUR OWN PREFERRED TRAITS. That would be a godsend. I mean, if we're to believe we're capable of "upgrading" weapons in this game, we can at least upgrade the traits that we like the best since the ones YOU choose are, I repeat, ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.


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    I've suggested it numerous times before that we need to be able to customize traits on weapons in the Workshp. Allow players to select and "re-roll" a particular trait on a weapon for 1 million supplies for example. This would allow end gamers some use for their supplies that are maxed.

    Along the same lines, survivor traits need to be customizable in the Training Grounds with the same style of system as above, but maybe for a different cost. Nothing more frustrating than having 4 perfect traits on a survivor only to end up with the 5th being bullet dodge or an offensive trait on a bruiser for example.
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    Re-rolling traits would be great, just as upgrading existing weapons to next lvl when a new full Council upgrade comes up.

    But this has to be expensive so that the "interactive jackpot machine" effect is not completely lost.

    NG has to make money and this is a big part of their system.
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    I agree that they need to make money but the thing is, with their current system, they will NEVER make money from me on weapons and I know I'm not alone with where I stand on the matter. I'm not going to pay the kind of money they price VIRTUAL weapons for, when I know they will become obsolete in a matter of a few months when the next council update comes out and my weapon won't be at the highest possible damage anymore. I'm not going to keep repurchasing the same weapon over and over just to have the best weapon possible. I'd rather take my chances finding that epic or legendary weapon in a crate or Distance mission.

    If they would price things more reasonably (gold, radios, tokens, weapons, etc) then I'd be glad to spend $5-10 per week to support them. Right now I can't justify spending $12 per 25 radio call, which is the price if you use gold to buy the radios. That's just greed and wonder why they aren't making money lately. I say fire the marketing/bundle guy.
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    They massively overhauled the bundles at the beginning of the year then ran out the new Council Upgrade, you can see their stock went up at the time of the upgrade but has dropped dramatically along with sales. They made some bad conceptions about their player base, but that being said the bundles have gotten a little better. Still not on par with how they were.

    Things they could do in game is offer legendary weapons or armor with "set" traits for maxed amount supply amount. Some players would buy it and spend supplies some wouldn't out of fear of another sudden upgrade. They could also allow players to reroll a toon trait for lets say 1k tokens... Pretty pricey price to pay for a chance at improved stat... Lots of small tweaks they could do to make game better while not overly hurting their bottom line.
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    They could also add legendary weapons with higher than normal damage/traits for that level. Like maybe 10% more damage than a comparable level legendary weapon or for example if the weapon has gold luck, make it so that it's 70% instead of the normal 50%. They could also make it so that if it's Abraham's rifle for instance, you see an additional 10% damage boost when you use the rifle on Abraham. There are things they could do, but they just don't. I'd consider spending money on those types of weapons.
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