Trade Shop Idea

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If you aren't sick of my ideas yet, here are a couple more.

Ever wanted to buy a weapon or piece of gear, but don't know how it will perform for your play style? Introducing the Try Before You Buy in the Trade Shop! A select piece of gear would be available for 24 hours to use, just like 24hr fuel. It would be fully upgraded with known traits 3 levels higher than your highest level of survivor in that class. You would pay a rental feel of trade goods, XP, or supplies to use this weapon or piece of gear. New offers would be available at every refresh of the Trade Shop.

In addition to that, there would be "mercenaries" available in the Trade Shop. These would be 5+ star survivors with known traits of varying class that would be able to be purchased and used, just like above for a 24 hour period of time. Their survivor level would be equal to that of your highest level survivor. Cost would be TG, XP, or supplies.They would not be able to be upgraded but could equip gear 3 levels higher, just like your regular survivors. Maybe these mercenaries occasionally have other benefits too? Like reduced heal times, double supplies on missions, etc.


Edit: Changed the survivor level idea of the mercenary to be equal to that of your highest level survivor overall, without a class restriction. That would allow players to better combine survivors for platoons and avoid redundancies. If your hunters are all 1 level lower than your highest level survivor because you are just in the process of upgrading, the mercenary would help create an "instant platoon" while your best hunter trains for example.


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