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Hello everyone!

About a month ago, I asked for challenge players to give us some data about their experiences, goals, and preferences regarding the Challenges. I know some people here like crunching data just like we do here in the office, so I thought I'd share the raw response data for the number-based questions.

* As expected, almost all responders were max-level. We got right around 500 responses altogether.
* [Side note] Some had asked why we didn't announce the survey in the in-game news. The short answer is that we most wanted data about how veterans play the game, and especially those that play at some of the highest difficulties. We were confident that keeping the survey discussion on social media and the forums would do that, and it looks like we were largely correct.
* We are taking the questions on # of Rounds Completed" and "# of Elite Survivors" to be mostly the "Best Guess" kind of response. But thanks to anyone who did go in and look up the info from in the game!
* Here, we see that the responding population has progressed very far in the game, and are very dedicated to challenge play. Many of you have regular goals to play a round number of challenge rounds every week.
* There appears to still be some confusion between survivor level and camp level, and I doubt anyone has 1530 Elite survivors. Maybe they meant "between 15 and 30?".

* Difficulty 30 used to be the 'ceiling' in the game, and it seems to still have a significance in the minds of players. Of course, with level 24 Elite characters, this is about where you will see near-constant Body Shots.
* It's telling that the "Tough, but possible" and 'exciting' data are so similar. This was a result I was thinking we might see, and it is pretty well seen in the data.
* There is also a lot of overlap between 'tough' and 'impossible'. This is where stars, skill, badges, and other factors show. This is also where it starts to make it difficult to please everyone with a consistent system, since one player's 'fun' might be another's 'frustrating'.
* Most players are in full guilds at this level. This is great! I think many put in larger numbers to reflect their larger guild family, which is stellar. If you are the person in the 20800 member guild, please talk to our server team. They wanna know how you did that.

* By far, most layers report no quota for their guilds, which was surprising to me. However, in a system where players are rearranged based on commitment weekly [as in many guld families], this makes some sense.
* As expected, Phones and Hero Tokens are the most coveted rewards.
* Matching the difficulty questions above, players in this group overwhelmingly enjoy "punching above their weight", to use a boxing term.
* Most players who responded don't want to play more than 10 rounds before getting to the "good stuff". Respecting, of course, that individual player's definition of the "good stuff".

* In a slight surprise to me, we see that 10 rounds is also about how many rounds of "Good stuff" players want to play. I had personally expected the average here to be higher. Shout out to the player looking for 1000 rounds of Challenge.
* Players report an average of between 10 and 20 missions per week completed with less-than-perfect results. This shows that they are playing 2-3 rounds where the can only get by with 1 or 2 stars each.
* Everyone's definition of a "well-prepared" survivor will be different, but the answer is about what we anticipated. 2-3 "A-team" survivors and lots of hopefuls and heroes waiting in the wings.
* We would expect to see the Story completed for most of this group, and the Outpost number is very very high compared to the overall game population. There's a lot more Scavenging going on here than I thought, as well.
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    Yes very happy with round passes tyvm!

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    Who the hell has level 68 survivors?? @Movado, I'm looking at you!!!
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    Wow I totally missed this! Thanks @Shteevie
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    Thanks for sharing results! I love the 3 rounds per pass. I’m almost finished in 3 days. Allows me to focus on Sat. Distance and not hurt my guild numbers.
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