My survivors worth keeping, or scraping? help me to decide, please

lutantanlutantan Member Posts: 27
Yes, majority of 'em are for distance or outpost... Annd of course they help in general missions too :P but i'm needing to disposal of atleast 3, unfortunately. If u guys rate 1 ~10 (score) will be even better to make me take conclusions! Thank you all

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  • bladgierbladgier Posts: 1,956
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    Well If they are for distance food then scrap warriors first. Then shooters.

    100% keep any bruisers, assaults
  • CronusCronus Posts: 1,083
    Accepted Answer
    Scrap the two Warriors and Falsiane.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Posts: 1,747
    Accepted Answer
    The only one remotely worth using is Safadiane IMO. Yes she misses iron skin but retaliate, punish, lucky and dodge are some of the most sought after traits for that class. Power strike is nice too. If you can get hold of a couple legendary damage reduction badges and get to 80% with just badges and armour she would be awesome :smile:


  • lutantanlutantan Member Posts: 27
    hey there
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 1,956
    My eyes are hurting from the amount of bullet dodge I have seen in this post 🙈💩
  • lutantanlutantan Member Posts: 27
    As i said "majority of 'em are for distance or outpost" they aren't my regular one's... :smiley:. So i needing to erase atleast 3 haha, they aren't that useless
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