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Good evening everyone...

I really appreciate the new 2.5 speed, but maybe is just me, I have a Samsung S7...

When I'm say farming exp. and supplies and kill lots of walkers at once mostly with assaults, the game lags between all the animations... exp. tomatoes obtained, damage, critical hit, walker turn, your turn, etc., making the increase of speed slower and unstable...

My idea would be a x3 speed mode, for more experienced players, in wich none of those things pop up.

• Only exp. would start when you hit the 1XP reward.
• And there could be a little cirlcle with the turns in the right-low corner of the screen (between
Skip Turn and Speed) instead of the huge banner... for reference in case of pausing or
something, since at this point we already know the order of turns...

• White circle with "Y" for you;
• Red circle with "W" for walkers;
• Orange with "F" for Freemen.

With that more little minimalistic interface the speed should be exploited at 100% and much more stable... or maybe my phone is already old :#

Anyways... just an idea... congrats an thanks for the 2.5x NG... it works well to me in less charged missions...! :blush:

Other Ideas regarding the interface are showing traits in the survivor cards.

Adding a button in the left-bottom corner to show/hide survivor cards for better gaming...


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    I've been getting lag and finger slips galore on my S7. Rick running one way and my fingers going the other 🤔
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