Problems with this game

So I just finished episode 4 of this game and have to say that the team behind this game made some weird choices.

Remeber the first game? How you met these characters that you got to talk with and get to know troughout the story. You got to bond with them and that made making choices affecting them a real tough decision. This game doesn't have any of that.

They started the game so well with the passing of a father of a family and you get to know how these people look at eachother. the first episode was set up really well because you cared about these characters (yes even Kate even though she is a huge ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) because they where your family and you needed to take care of them. There was this predefined releationship between these characters.

Then you get to episode 2 and meet some people you met for two seconds in episdoe 1. things go to ♥♥♥♥ pretty fast and you end up with this small group that you assume you will be traveling with for a while and while doing so maybe get to know them a little better. Well prepare to be dissapointed because none of that happens.

You go through the entire game without talking to them aside from when the game decides they are needed for the plot. It doesn't help that half of these characters keep comming and going out of your adventure whenever they feel like it. (Take Elanor for example) you get to know these characters so little that when the decision came to either save Tripp or that black girl I don't know her name of at the gallows, The ''whose it gonna be your friend (Hes not my friend he is literary just some guy) or your brothers lieutenant''. I thought:'' well I dont care for either of you but since I know even less about black girl than that I know about Tripp I guess ill save Tripp.'' Then they pull the ol' switcheroo on you and kill the one you chose to save, a moment that was desgined to make you feel sad and all I could think of was I really don't care. I mean what did we really learn about Tripp aside from:''I still have feelings for Elanor, Hey did I mention I still have Feelings about Elanor.'' I mean I guess he also had a van?
And its not just Tripp thats like this its every character aside from your family.

The only character you get to know a bit more of as a player is clemintine. thats mostly because of what you have been trough with here in the other two games.But its like the game only wants you to care about clemintine. But if thats the case why even bother putting in other characters?

All of this is mainly due to the problem that most of the game is played for you and you just press Q or E some time. no more walking around and investigating things like you could in one and even in two (yea I know it still sort of there but maybe five or six time troughout the game, and they dont even last very long a minute at most). That also causes the episodes to be alot shorter than they had to be.

I mean there are things the game did well like telling parts of what happend before you got to where you are now in flashbacks and how, unlike two, there where adults in this game that weren't completly helpless.

It got a bit long but thats my thoughts on the game, feel free to share yours.


  • JimiFaithJimiFaith Member
    Road to Survival much...? :D

  • I was like wtf??
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    Just so I understand correctly... This thread is talking about The Telltale Walking Dead Game and comparing it to Telltale's Road to Survival? or is it vice versa?

    I'm just wondering if someone joined NG's thread to compare the other Walking Dead games or if I'm missing something..

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    As soon as he said Clementine. I knew.... although i havent played that one in quite a while. Uses up to much data.
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    Yup! Wrong clubhouse

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