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It would be nice if you could see how many stars your guild members have collected over time.
Sometimes some of the members get impatient and want to kick someone, but others want to keep the member because they remember that this person have been very active all year, aside from the last month.

It would be much easier to be fair with keeping/kicking if we could get a graph or something so you could see how much guild members contributed over time.
It would also be nice if we could get something like 5 "spectator slots", and when you kick a member you should be able to chose between "Kick" and "Put in spectator slot", that way you can keep old timers in the guild when they want to inactive for a while. When you're in a cpectator slot you should have two options, "spectate" and "I want in". When a slot is free in the guild, the first in line in the spectator group who wants in get that slot, and if noone want in it would be like its now... someone from outside gets that slot.


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    There are multiple ways to see how many stars a guild member has collected.
    You can click on the member and there you stars for the current challenge and stars total for this guild collected by that member.
    There is also a guild leaderboard where you can see the stars collected from all members in the guild.
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    Yeah, but that is pretty useless since you cant see when a member collected those stars.
    If someone has 20k stars and havnt collected one in the last three months you might concider to kick that member and if someone with 200 stars havn't collected any in the last three weeks you might concerder to kick that member.

    I used to have a spreadsheet where I put in all the numbers of stars of the guild members so I could see how active they have been, since my memory is short.... but every other week I forgot to enter the numbers, so I stopped. :disappointed:
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    We have a guildmate who posts each persons scores on his website every challenge, the guild leader doesn't have to do all the thinking. Delegate duties. I'm sure you have someone willing to help the guild and be note taker, no?
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