Are any of those new survivors worth of keeping?

lutantanlutantan Member Posts: 27
Thank you all in advance... Those guys should i invest or scrap'em?


  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,124
    I would take a chance on FalseRick and just prey for ruthless.
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    I don't know what else you have so it's hard to make an absolute recommendation. So here goes.

    Your warrior would have to be used as a defensive survivor in overwatch, otherwise vigilant and defensive stance are of no use. For a primary warrior I'd pass on this one. At some point you'll want a shooter and hunter with ruthless.

    Your hunter has really solid traits. If you pull ruthless as the 5th you are set. Even if you don't and get dodge, revenge or even maybe vigilant you still have a survivor worth upgrading. I have a 2 pink hunter with lucky/dodge/sure shot/marksman/vigilant (was pre-ruthless introduction). I also have a pink with lucky/dodge/sure shot/marksman/iron skin. My big hitter hunter has marksman/sure shot/ruthless/revenge/iron skin.

    Your shooter also has solid traits even without ruthless. Like I said at some point you'll need ruthless especially for a shooter. In the meantime I would not hesitate to upgrade this shooter. This is a good all around survivor. I didn't find a good traited shooter with ruthless until I was level 23. Some of that had to do when ruthless was introduced but the point is I played a lot of rounds and made it a long ways without ruthless. Once you have it you'll see what a difference it makes especially in harder levels of The Distance.

    Edit: By level 23 I mean my survivor level, not player level.
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    Yeah I agree with everything here. Scrap the warrior, unless you have a defensive playstyle warriors are best used on the move so you'll want traits like strong, retaliate, iron skin, dodge, lucky, ruthless and power strike. Any of those really.

    I played for a long time without ruthless on my main hunter/shooter and it didn't hold me back but after getting two new survivors with ruthless I'm starting to see the appeal. So take a chance on the 5th trait for your hunter and keep your shooter, he's absolutely worthy of pink stars but be on the lookout for a shooter with similar traits but ruthless in place of revenge or iron skin.
  • lutantanlutantan Member Posts: 27
    Appreciate all you suggestions, guys. Thx alot :)
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