How manny times have I said pizza in the forum ?

I lost count
Freddydaddy time


  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,159
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  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 4,802
    Uhm..the question should be... how many times you can say pizza in the forum?

    Do you talk of pizza also in your real life adventures?
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  • freedydaddyfreedydaddy Member Posts: 730
    Yes yes I do
    Freddydaddy time
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
    Not as many times as you've created new forum discussions. Which is impressive, given that two of those discussions have pizza in the title.
  • FingerfoodFingerfood Member Posts: 251
    Enough times that I feel like I'm in a queue at dominoes 🍕 and I'm a newbie. I feel sorry for those who have endured #pizzagate for alot longer 😲
  • freedydaddyfreedydaddy Member Posts: 730
    Pizza is what I need to live I don’t know how they do it without pizza
    Freddydaddy time
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