Badge Formula’s

Have any of you stat folks got any insight if there are badge component combos that have a better chance of yielding a particular type of badge? I remember one of the folks from a prior guild was very confident that 2 metal + 2 chemical had a better chance for a dmg badge. I know NG says it’s random, but is it? I have a penchant for creating crit chance and crit % badges no matter what combo I try, just wondering.


  • HuttSlayer23HuttSlayer23 Member Posts: 161
    I Don’t see any pattern. I’ve tried what seems like every combo, and one doesn’t seem to be better than others. It varies. More often than not, I end up with a critical damage or critical chance badge.
  • JimiFaithJimiFaith Member Posts: 785
    At first I made common badges out of only towels... I got a high percentage of Health badges... and with only Metal Crittical Damage... It may have been a coincidence, but it happened too many times... I don't know for sure, and I don't know if we could know really...


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,674
    There is no formula, 100% RNG


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  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    It's just over complicated ☺
  • FingerfoodFingerfood Member Posts: 965
    edited June 2018
    I just do the good old "press" and "pray" method 👍 infact my whole game play follows that method. How did i get to level 64 😲
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