Whats the advantages/ disadvantages of different classes??

Hi all, just a quick question, please list examples of what classes hold advantages and disadvantages, example ,
Hunters can take down multiple walkers in one shot but suffer with low health. Any comments and ideas or advice is much appreciated. Thanks all


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    Hunters - Long range, straight line AOE attack, crit charge attack, weaker against higher walkers.
    Gunners - mid to extra long range, high damage, double attack crit charge.
    Assault - Large AOE capabilities, low damage, aoe stun ability
    Warriors - close range AOE, mid-high attack, double aoe attack charge.
    Scouts - very high damage, chance of extra attacks in one turn, very high crit attack charge.
    Bruisers - Stuns, high defense and hp, aoe stuns charge attack, very low damage.
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    basic advantage:
    hunter- long range, multiple target, critical charge ability
    shooter- long range, high weapon damage, critical extra attack charge ability
    assault- mid range, high hp, stun multiple target charge ability
    warrior- multiple target, extra attack charge ability
    scout- high weapon damage, critical charge ability
    bruiser- high hp, stun multiple target charge ability

    basic disadvantage:
    hunter- average weapon damage, low hp
    shooter- single target
    assault- low weapon damage
    warrior- average weapon damage, single target
    scout- single target, low hp
    bruiser- low weapon damage, single target

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